Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 28 2011

Martin Luther King from a Black Humanist View

We are familiar with Martin Luther King’s important work in the civil rights movement, and the tremendous role that some churches played in the fight for social justice. However, there were great humanists and humanistic ideals that preceded King and the movement. King is best known for using passive resistance to fight for freedom, justice …

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Sep 21 2011

Standing with Troy Davis as a Non-Believer

By Sikivu Hutchinson This is a day of outrage for all who believe in justice and morality. The pending execution of Georgia Death Row inmate Troy Davis is an egregious reminder of the vicious cycle of immoral lynch mob justice that masquerades as due process in the United States, the exceptionalist “Christian Nation.” With 25% …

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Sep 20 2011


Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) was one of the most impressive individuals of his time. He was one of history’s greatest orators, thinkers, and statesmen. As a writer, he has been compared to Shakespeare; as a thinker to Thomas Paine; as an orator he has been compared to Martin Luther King; and as a statesman to …

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Sep 14 2011

Non-theism in Africa

Leo Igwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement recently traveled to Australia to discuss the challenges that humanists and skeptics face in Nigeria. Most of those gathered to listen to his presentations walked away believing he is the lone non-theist hero in all of Africa. However, Australian non-theists are not the only ones that embrace this …

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Sep 10 2011

Where are the Black Skeptics?

By Norm R. Allen Jr. Certainly, Black skeptics are to be found among members of such groups as the Black Skeptics. However, when many people think of skeptics, they think of individuals such as Michael Shermer, organizations such as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly known as the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims …

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