Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 29 2011

Breaking Down Old Structures

By Kamela Heyward-Rotimi I find the most compelling arguments are those that cause me to think, that move me beyond ‘my usual’, and beg for further dialogue. Moral Combat: Black Atheists, gender Politics, and the Values Wars by Sikivu Hutchinson does just that; it took me to a place of agreement, discovery, connection, and debate. …

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May 18 2011

The American Atheists 2011 Convention

By Naima Cabelle I tend to dislike conventions, large conferences, etc., as opposed to smaller groups where there’s a greater possibility for more individual interaction. Had I not understood that an unprecedented number of people of color and women were invited as convention speakers at the April 2011 American Atheists convention, there would have been …

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May 13 2011

Support Camp Quest!

Black Skeptics has been asked to participate in a fundraising challenge for Camp Quest with bloggers Greta Christina, Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta, Jen McCreight of Blaghag and JT Eberhard. The nontheist community offers many programs for adults, but very few for children. To provide a future for our values we need to provide freethinking families …

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May 06 2011

Discretion: The “DL” Problem

By Dexter Smith The “Down-Low”. A uniquely African-American slang term used in reference to an insidious subculture of deeply closeted African-American homosexual and/or bisexual men who, while carrying on their normal, day-to-day, public lives as heterosexual men, simultaneously lead secret lives engaged in sexual relations with other men. The meaning of the term, however, has …

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