Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 29 2010

Black Atheists Survey

What is your current identification (atheist, agnostic, etc.)? What is your cultural/religious background (i.e. were you raised in a religious household)? How has atheism or freethought shaped your world view as an African American? As an atheist/freethinker what are some of the main issues you’re concerned with? How can atheism and/or secular humanism be promoted …

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Mar 28 2010

From, Black Infidels: Humanism and African American Social Thought

By Sikivu Hutchinson Excerpt from www.thenewhumanism.org …Then, as now, the overwhelming association of religiosity with authentic blackness makes it difficult for black secular humanists who are atheist or agnostic to be vocal about their beliefs. In the introduction to The Black Humanist Experience, Norm Allen notes, “Humanists often feel…that they are a misunderstood and despised …

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