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Jan 25 2013

Who will protect the unborn children…er…the evidence?

HuffPo Report

New Mexico state representative Cathrynn Brown will take on that cause! She is very concerned about the rights of women who are being forced to have abortions by their rapists, so she has introduced House Bill 206 to define a fetus as evidence if the fetus is a result of rape. And as we all know …

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Aug 20 2012

6 O’Clock BS – Tweet o’ the Day


Man – the internetz are ‘sploding with goodies today! The top news story that I’ve seen in my Twitter and Facebook has probably been responses to Todd Akin’s terminal (perhaps literally, at least with regards to his campaign) foot-in-mouth comments about legitimate rape and how us uteruses – errrr….I mean women - can magically destroy rapesperm and …

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