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May 07 2012

Random Fun Stuff

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What if all the Avengers characters posed like female superheroes? Seen on Twitter. Awesome USB drive Thanks for the tip, Paul! Pro-Vaccination Billboard Photographed by moi on southbound 94 in Wisconsin This billboard on southbound 94 in Wisconsin made me happy. There are so many church signs and pro-life billboards along this route that I could …

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Feb 20 2012


I love the tongue-in-cheek snark in this video. I like the part where he offers to un-vaccinate against Hepatitis C (‘cuz there is no vaccine against Hep C), and when he tells us that Un-oculate will wipe out your body’s antibodies and reboot your immune system back to when you were a baby, so you …

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Nov 04 2011

Delta Airs Anti-Vax Advertisement

I haz a sad. I like flying Delta. There’s a huge hub here in Minneapolis. I have the Delta SkyMiles card so I can rack up points and fly places for free (well, freeish, but that’s another post), and I’ve generally had very good experiences on Delta flights. So, I was sad when I saw …

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Oct 19 2011

Time for your flu shot!

I got my flu shot yesterday. Have you gotten yours yet? This time of the year is becoming a bit of an annual tradition for the Biodork blog: The posting of Dr. Mark Crislip’s A Budget of Dumb Asses. Dr. Crislip wrote A Budget of Dumb Asses to answer some of the most popular excuses that …

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Sep 20 2011

foursquaring for Vaccines

I use foursquare, which is part online game, part social media, part easy advertising for businesses. When I visit a place and “check in” I tell the world or just my circle of foursquare friends that I’m there, or that I’ve been there. foursquare seems to be great for local businesses – they can offer …

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Sep 15 2011

HPV Vaccine: Making It Personal

I watched the CNN Tea Party Republican debate on Monday night. I disagreed with a lot of the issues that the candidates presented, and my blood really boiled when the candidates skirted direct questions to make snarky personal attacks on each other and President Obama. And I really, really mourned for the human race when it became clear …

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Apr 09 2011

Anti-Vax Action Alert: VaxCBS

This advertisement by the Mercola and National Vaccine Information Center is set to run in New York City’s Time Square on the CBS Outdoor JumboTron on 42nd street. Both of the groups behind this “PSA” are well-known for their anti-vaccination efforts. They want people to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, to believe that it …

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Mar 10 2011

Reader Vax Rant

Blogs are a good place to rant. I LOVE that one of my regular visitors, Noelle, thought of Biodork and the First World Problems Poll (which ended months ago!) when she needed a place to express her frustrations over parents who chose not to vaccinate their children. I know this contest is long over but I think that …

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Dec 10 2010

National Influenza Vaccination Week

It’s almost over – have you gotten your flu shot yet? From WhiteHouse.gov: Everyone can take steps to promote America’s health this flu season.  Though there is no way to accurately predict the course or severity of influenza, we know from experience that it will pose serious health risks for thousands of Americans this season.  …

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Nov 21 2010

Anti-Vax Action Alert

Elyse over at the Skepchicks posted a notice about anti-vaccination advertisements being aired in several AMC movie theaters across the country.  And guess what – one of them is happening right here in Roseville, Minnesota.  Here’s the ad they’re planning to play: One Minnesota pediatrician has written an concise response to the advertisement, and has made …

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