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Dec 02 2011

A Sad Day in the Science Classroom

I opened up the Star Tribune to a sad story. From the Star Tribune: Thursday morning, ninth-graders in the second-hour science class at Maple Grove Junior High School had turned their desks toward the science table where teacher Matthew Achor conducted experiments for the class final. The first time the teacher dropped a match into …

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Mar 29 2011

Reusing Condoms in Rural Kenya

Once again my First World Problems are brought into perspective. The word is out that condoms protect against sexually-transmitted HIV. Unfortunately, the condoms aren’t out there. Demand is far outweighing supply in Kenya, as reported by PlusNewsGlobal. Local TV channels recently showed images of men in Isiolo, in rural northern Kenya, washing condoms and hanging …

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Mar 03 2011

This Isn’t About Hate.

Two weeks ago a Muslim American organization held a fundraiser in California for women’s shelters, homelessness relief and hunger relief. They were protested by a group of Americans waving flags and yelling through bullhorns. But don’t worry – as one protester clarified, “This is not about hate. We are not hate-mongers.” Observe the language of…not-hate: “Mohammad was a child molester. …

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Nov 03 2010

Random MN Election Commentary

If you want the full, most accurate and complete skinny, you gotta go to the MN Secretary of State General Elections Results page. I’m kind of nail-biting over how close the governor’s race is: Because after hearing about ‘ol Crazy Eyes being given another term in the US House by 6th District (WTF, 6th District?) …

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Sep 09 2010

Weather ~ Links ~ ACES Tragedy

I don’t know about the rest of the country or world, but here in Minnesota Fall just came along and placed a major smackdown on Summer.  I can’t believe I wore a long-sleeve button-up shirt and a coat to work this morning.  It’s a pretty bizarre time of year because the trees and grass are still green and …

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Aug 09 2010

World Sauna Championships

My apartment neighbor and I had a yard sale yesterday.  Bad call, brutha. It was sooooooooo humid!  I love summer and heat, but moist heat is just icky, unless you’re in a sauna (and it’s not 230°F…more on that later).   The temperature was only about 85°F when we started, but the humidity was 70%!  It …

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Jun 18 2010

Minnesota Tornado Outbreak

Last night’s weather was wonky in Minneapolis.  We got about 60 seconds of either hard rain or hail – when we went outside 30 minutes later the ground was dry…  And the sky was yellow.  I mean yellow.  It’s hard to capture a cloudy, yellow sky with a digital camera – all of mine tried to …

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Jun 14 2010

Where’s the Sun?

Happy Grab Bag Random Lazy No Prepared Post Monday! photo source 1)Is it June?  I could have sworn it was June already.  That means it’s the summer time and I want sunshine!  The average June temperature in Minneapolis ranges from about 63-83°C in June and 2010 seems to be on the lower end of that scale, …

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May 31 2010

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the day we in the States set aside specifically to honor and remember men and women who have died in military service.  I wanted to do a post for Memorial Day and I started thinking about the current war in Iraq.  After zipping around in Wikipedia for a while, I found …

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Apr 30 2010

This is a crude post.

Crude oil flowing from BP’s Deepwater Horizen oil rig explosion has started washing up on Louisiana’s shores.  Last night rough seas pushed oily water over the protective booms standing between the on-coming oil and Louisiana’s coasts.  Oil has entered the Mississippi River and is spreading into the river’s offshoots and surrounding wetlands, and toxic chemicals from the oil are …

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