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Feb 07 2013

What? That’s not racist!

Here’s the story – a male cop in St. Paul, Minnesota decided it would be funny and clever to dress up as a female Somali Target employee for a private Halloween party that he attended last year. He wore a hijab, tucked a cell phone next to his face underneath the hijab, and pinned a …

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Oct 23 2012

Ohio STARS 2012 Costume Campaign


Woo-hoo! Halloween is just around the corner! What are you dressing up as? A witch? A pirate? A clown? A nun? An inappropriately sexy fairy tale character? There are a lot of options for playing dress up during Halloween. While you’re thinking about your costume, the Ohio STARS - Students Teaching About Racism in Society – …

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May 08 2012

Damn it, Jar Jar Binks!


So, this conversation ensued after I asked someone about the Jar Jar Binks doll on her shelf. Me: Jar Jar Binks was your son’s baseball team’s mascot? With all the issues surrounding that charcter? That’s an odd choice. Her: What? Why? What issues? Me: (Danger danger Will Robinson) You know, all the hulabaloo about Jar …

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May 02 2012

CeCe McDonald’s Murder Trial

Update (5/2/12 12:50pm): Colorlines is reporting that CeCe has taken a plea deal that could result in a 41-month jail sentence: “Reports out of Minneapolis have it that CeCe McDonald has accepted a plea deal to second degree manslaughter due to negligence in the death of Dean Schmitz. ” ************************** CeCe McDonald, a 23 year-old, …

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