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Mar 19 2014

The North Shore Trip

DSC_0265 (1024x683)

This past weekend the Hubby and I drove up to the North Shore, and we ended up cramming in a lot of activities. On Friday I had to work a half day, and that afternoon before we left the Cities, we took in the Minnesota History Center’s Prohibition exhibit. I did some museum tweeting, which you …

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Sep 20 2013

I am way too excited to visit this church.

US level

ZOMG I JUST LEARNED ABOUT WIKI LOVES MONUMENTS!!!! Exploration! Adventure! Scavenger Hunt! Okay…having used my weekly allotment of exclamation marks, let me take a deep breath and tell you about how I’m probably going to be spending my weekend. I just clicked on a banner ad while I was in Wikipedia and was directed to …

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May 06 2013

Snorkeling the Reef


On Saturday I wasn’t quite scuba-diving ready; still a bit congested - but I was starting to salivate over the nearby barrier reef. From Dave and Noelle’s veranda you can see the waves breaking over the reef in the distance. I wanted to get into the water! So we decided to start slow – a snorkel …

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May 02 2013

Traveling to Belize

Minneapolis Sunrise 1

This is the first of my travel-blogging posts! The Hubby and I are in Belize until May 12th. This is what we’re doing. Our vacation started with 30 hours of travel. That’s right – 30. Here’s the deal: Last year we volunteered to get bumped from a flight and that earned us two round-trip tickets to …

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Oct 11 2012

Alphas and Amanda

DSC_0533 (683x1024)

I’ve been gobbling up a TV series called Alphas over the past couple of days. I didn’t think I was going to like it at first – it seemed like another X-Men story line with a really annoying “how does that make you feel” shrink playing the Xavier role. And Misfits has been doing the …

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Sep 18 2012

Pareidolia Play Along 3: The Reveal

Anthidium on Anthidium ACTION

This is a post by guest blogger Ellen Bulger. In this installment, Ellen reveals the answer to last week’s Pareidolia Play Along. It’s a bee, a blue bee! The genus is Osmia, the species probably pumila. The disk-like thing in the center of the shot is called a tegula and is positioned just above where the …

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Aug 27 2012

6 O’Clock BS: Creative Commons is Cool

You never know where your stuff is going to show up! I received this email in my Flickr inbox recently: Hi Brianne, I love your photo of Foggy Blue Morning Dive! We used it on Adventure Awaits, a blog and storytelling site for Washington State Parks. You’ll see your photo on one of our blog …

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Jul 12 2012

6 O’Clock BS – Seesaw


Today I was feeling down in the dumps for no particular reason, or at least no easily identifiable reason. After work I started to recognize the  down in the dumps danger zone: All I wanted to do was eat everything in my kitchen and watch an entire season of some stupid sitcom that I’m a …

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May 26 2012

6 O’Clock BS – After the Rain


It rained a lot today. I went walking in between rain falls and took some photos.

Aug 20 2011

Happy World Photography Day

This post is a bit camera nerdy. But there are pictures for those of you who don’t like to read. Ooooo…zing! Ahem…it’s after midnight and I’m getting a little slap-happy. Moving along! Today is World Photography Day! In honor of WPD I got myself a treat. Okay, it wasn’t because of WPD, it was because I …

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