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Mar 14 2012

Giving God the Heisman

I’ve been really disgusted with the Kalley Yanta’s Minnesota Marriage Minute videos. Mostly because they make bigotry, fear and hate look so damn good, professional and reasonable. I’ve been meaning to post about them, but it’s been a chore to watch her maple syrup-sweet, disingenuous arguments. This morning I was going to do it. I …

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Feb 16 2012

He’s baaaaack!

Remember the first Purity Bear that saved our male hero from the female seductress? Well, Purity Bear is back and this time she’s a a gal! Don’t forget to watch all the way to the end of the movie, where you can see these vague and un-referenced “facts”: 2/3 of girls wish they had waited …

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Feb 15 2012

Dinkus Award: Liz Trotta

This made me see red. I haven’t seen such an egregious, obvious, reprehensible case of victim-blaming on a major news program in a while. Liz Trotta says that if women want to serve in the military they should expect to get raped. She says that the increasing incidence of sexual assault is just a case …

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Jan 20 2012

Creepy Purity Bear is Creepy

Wait – first read the YouTube description of this video: This is a student made video saying that the best way to stay sexually pure is to wait until marriage. Having one partner is the God-approved way to enjoy sex. God must have forgotten to tell that to Newt. Bah dah dum! Okay, heeeeeere’s Purity …

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Dec 03 2011

Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned

This is going around teh Facebooks today. Here are seven ridiculous arguments for banning homosexuality (as if that were possible!) and seven snarky tongue-in-cheek responses. I think this is a good follow-up to the American Family Association’s Buster Wilson explaining to us why people like him are fighting for traditional marriage (hint: it’s not because …

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Nov 02 2011

Rick Perry’s NH Speech

Ok, things may be looking up for Mitt. Have you guys seen this yet? This guy is a serious presidential contender? Forget that he’s a creationist, that he sponsored a prayer rally for rain in Texas, that he suddenly came up with his very own flat tax plan just ‘cuz it sounded like a good idea …

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Jul 15 2011

She’s been found not guilty, so drop it.

I didn’t follow the Casey Anthony trial. I read about the case about a month ago and it sounded like a horrible tragedy, similar to a handful of other horrible tragedies in recent news. Last week I happened to be in a place where they were showing a live broadcast of the judge reading the jury’s verdicts. There were seven separate charges, but the gist …

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May 07 2011

May 21st End Times Bus

My friend Ben (@deisum on Twitter) snapped a picture of the May 21st End of Days preachers. Apparently they showed up in Minneapolis today, just as I was driving down to Chicago. How come I always miss when the circus comes to town?

Apr 11 2011

This is Glenn Beck’s Brain

I first saw this on Street Anatomy, and I’ve linked the pic to it’s appearance in Stumble Upon. The art was created by MotherJones‘ Dave Gilsonand Steve Brodner. Have I mentioned how pleased as punch I am that Beck’s show was cancelled? It’s nice to know that advertisers and viewers alike are recognizing and holding Beck accountable for …

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Apr 09 2011

Anti-Vax Action Alert: VaxCBS

This advertisement by the Mercola and National Vaccine Information Center is set to run in New York City’s Time Square on the CBS Outdoor JumboTron on 42nd street. Both of the groups behind this “PSA” are well-known for their anti-vaccination efforts. They want people to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, to believe that it …

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