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Nov 30 2011

The CUP Contest is OVER! CARLY Wins!

The answer to yesterday’s contest was indeed, the bottoms of my Vibram Five Fingers. Skeletoes was also acceptable. Here’s the points break down: Carly AND Lance Finney receive 100 points for accurately answering at the same time (per the time stamp on their comments). Erin gets 25 points for guessing Vibrams, Jude gets 25 points for guessing …

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Nov 29 2011

CUP #28 – CUP #29 – The Last CUP???

Phew – you guys know your pentagonal bolts! As Carly – and every single other player guessed – yesterday’s CUP was a fire hydrant! Everyone gets an extra +10 points for sweeping me this time round. CARLY gets 100 points for being the first one to answer correctly. She also gets +5 points for ujë. Congrats, …

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Nov 28 2011

CUP #27 Answer and CUP #28

Welcome back! Before the Thanksgiving Weekend we had left off with CUP #27. CARLY was the first to answer and to answer correctly with her answer “the hinge in the center of an open backgammon board”. To clarify, though – the part most prominently featured in last week’s CUP isn’t just a “hinge”. This area …

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Nov 23 2011

CUP #26 Answer and CUP #27

Indeed, yesterday’s CUP was Metamucil. Madam? Would you like a glass of our house’s finest Orange? And don’t any of you give me crap about “What? ‘Older’?!” Young people don’t worry about fiber. That’s a fact. I’ve got numbers for it. Somewhere. Let’s chat points! You guys are awesome. Look at the time stamps on …

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Nov 22 2011

CUP #25 Answer and CUP #26

Whew! You know, I’m still not a great judge of what you guys will easily guess and what will stump you! Doug wins yesterday’s CUP with his answer “Lily pad leaves.” Congratulations, Doug, you get 100 points for your answer + 10 points for being one of the very few to accurately identify the lily pads! Cate! …

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Nov 21 2011

CUP #24 Answer and CUP #25

Welcome back, CUPers! As many of you surmised, last Friday’s CUP was the head and handle of a Swiffer mop without a cleaning pad on it! Lisa was the first to answer correctly, and is awarded 100 points! This is also Lisa’s first entry into the game, and I am awarding her +50 welcome points. Thanks …

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Nov 18 2011

CUP #23 Answer and CUP #24

You all owned me yesterday. I mean…you guys just annihilated that CUP. In deference to being incredibly, thoroughly owned I am awarding 20 points to everyone who played yesterday on top of the points listed below. Lance was quickest with his answer of “carpet” and is awarded 100 points. Lance is on fire, y’all. Okay, now we have …

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Nov 17 2011

CUP #22 Answer and CUP #23

And we’re back! Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday. The following people get 40 CUP points for telling us about your favorite or favorite giggle-inducing words: Lance, Noelle, Michelle, Judi, Ellie, Erin, Carly. Carly gets an additional +5 points for starting a poop conversation in the comments. Noelle gets +5 points for dedicating her …

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Nov 16 2011

CUP Contest Update

Sorry gang, I’m swamped beyond all swampiness and can’t do the CUP post today. I’ll pick it up tomorrow at the normal noon time. I appreciate you stopping by, so everyone who leaves me a comment below will automatically get 40 points towards the CUP rankings. BUT – it can’t be just any comment! Tell …

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Nov 15 2011

CUP #21 Answer and CUP #22

Sorry gang, yesterday and this morning were crazy and I haven’t had a chance to update the rankings yet. I’m betting I’ll have time to do that this evening. But, onto the winner of yesterday’s CUP! The winner was the first and only person to guess correctly: LANCE FINNEY with his guess “a waterwheel”! This …

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