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Jan 15 2014

I’m pretty sure this is her “Hey Girl” face.

My cat looking straight down the lens.

Jul 10 2013

Dogs, Cats and trust.

Anyone who knows cats can see this ending a million miles in advance. Doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh my ass off though.

Dec 12 2012

Bits and Pieces

IMAG0931 (1024x654)

First – whadaya think of the new theme? After spending a few days with it, I have to say that it’s growing on me. I think it looks more sleek and modern than the old primary blue and yellow that this replaced. If you haven’t had a chance to report bugs on other FtB blogs, …

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Jul 11 2012

6 O’Clock BS: Kitteh Film Festival


Oh yes. This is happening. The world-famous, dare I say hallowed, Walker Art Center will be hosting an outdoor Internet Cat Video Film Festival this August 30th in Minneapolis. From the Walker Blog: Walker Open Field welcomes cat lovers (and challenges haters – c’mon, you know who you are)* to openly release your cat-video-induced giggles and …

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Nov 06 2011

Weekend Nerd Updates and New CUP Photo Info

1) I saw Lazer Tag in Macy’s. I wanted it. Badly. The Hubby didn’t agree to the purchase. I almost had a temper tantrum in the store like a two year old. 2) Later at Target we were walking through the 50% off Halloween aisles, and I managed to convince The Hubby to try on …

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May 21 2011

$600 Cat Toy

My friend has a really expensive toy for her cat, Luna.

May 14 2011

Yeah? Ohhh!

It’s a silly thing, but it makes me grin every time I watch it. Thanks to Courtney for the heads up.

Dec 18 2010

Too early for cute

Yesterday I worked from home and had a couple of distractions.  Well, one distraction a couple of three or four times. I’m watching you…waiting for your weakness to show itself…and then, then I shall make my move! Since you insist on ignoring me I shall make myself comfortable on these things you seem to find …

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