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May 29 2012

Unholy Night Trailer

Now this is a messed up (fabulously so) book trailer! From the official website: In Grahame-Smith’s [author of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies] telling, the so-called “Three Wise Men” are infamous thieves, led by the dark, murderous Balthazar. After a daring escape from Herod’s prison, they stumble upon the famous manger …

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Apr 05 2012



I was at a Minnesota Skeptics Drinking Skeptically last night and we moseyed into the topics of religion and the bible. Someone mentioned that there are two creation stories in the book of Genesis, and I was a little bemused to realize I didn’t know what they were talking about. I read the bible in …

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Mar 20 2012

Why Are You Atheists So Angry?


I have a new book to read on the plane ride to Reason Rally on Friday! Greta Christina is the author of Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things that Piss of the Godless. The first part of the title is funny because it plays off the common misconception that atheists are angry all …

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Oct 27 2011

Upcoming Show: Atheists Talk with Alex Rosenberg

I had (great intentions for conceiving and writing) an awesome post for yesterday, but instead spent most of the evening (you know, after cooking dinner, preparing lunch for today and eating dinner over some Mythbusters with the Hubby; I totally knew those breast implants weren’t going to expand at high pressures!) writing up my first-ever Atheists Talk radio …

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Jul 25 2011

That was a good Monday

Not the work part. At work there were some things, and then there was some stuff, so the work part of Monday was just meh. But after work has been fun! Last week I was invited to write a blog post about my experience with Virtual Drinking Skeptically, a social videoconferencing group that brings people …

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Jun 14 2011

Interwebs – you waited for me!

I wasn’t sure you’d still be here when I got back! So, yeah. Hey. How ya doing, Internet? My name’s Brianne, and I’ve been out of you for about a week and a half now, but I’m super excited about getting back into you. Work has been crazy, but in a good way. I like being busy, having challenging …

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Jun 03 2011

Books – How They Work

I’m out of town traipsing around the woods this weekend, so I’ll most likely be unable to respond to comments and the like (we’ll see how good the 3G is in the state park this year). But I do have a few posts queued up until I return to regular blogging on Monday (or so). …

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Apr 28 2011

30DaysofBiking: Day 27

Where: Lynlake and Uptown (1.5 miles) Why: Recreation – To Magers & Quinn for #30DaysofBiking #sololocal event When: Wednesday April 27th Weather: Cloudy and gray, light hail on the ride back, cold, 38F (3.3C) Who: Me and the Hubby #sololocal description from 30DaysofBiking: Every Wednesday in April is the Solo Local ride, where you venture off on your own to your …

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Jun 30 2010

Time is way too one-directional.

This was my To Do List last night. Make dinner. I made this – Fancy Hot Dog Stroganoff from simplyrecipes.com.  I substituted quinoa for the egg noodles and added spinach.  This picture is from that site – My dinner was so yummy that it was all gone before I remembered that I wanted to snap …

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Jun 25 2010

Local Books and Food

I don’t always read the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Metro section because it has a tendency to be depressing.  It seems like a lot of the stories are about local people involved in drunk driving crashes, child abuse cases, murders, robberies, scandals,  etc.  Yeah – go neighbors! However, yesterday’s Metro had two inspiring stories – one on …

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