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Aug 03 2012

Now where were we?

It started two weeks ago when Mom came to visit. I decided that I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time online while she was here. I already had to sacrifice 10 hours of the day to work, plus another 4-6 hours to sleep, and I wanted to spend every last second with Mom in …

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Jun 12 2012


Apparently I committed a No-No this past weekend. When I offered to give away cuddly knit creature to anyone who donated to the SSA, I was running what could be construed as a raffle, and raffles are subject to a crazy number of rules, regulations and even taxes that no one wants to get into. …

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May 18 2012

Removed from Jesus


Hey – I’ve made it as an atheist writer! You know how I know? Because someone signed me up for six different Christian mailing lists! Big time, baby. I’m not sure how to best deal with them (especially if I find myself getting signed up for more along the way), but for now I just …

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Feb 12 2012

I Can Haz Archives!

Whew! That Lousy Canuck guy is pretty awesome. He did some magical tech stuff in the background and now the entirety of my old WordPress blog is accessible from here. It’s kind of amazing – all of the comments, the pages, the catergories and tags – they’re all here. Thanks, Jason! So if you have …

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Feb 09 2012

Final Post on Biodork

But not really. It IS my final post on WordPress.com, though – because I’m MOVING! And I’m not even begging you to help me move boxes! Just to update your links and RSS feeds. Guys. GUYS! This is really exciting. I’ve been invited to move this blog over to the FreeThought Blogs network. For those …

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Feb 01 2012

How Is It Wednesday Already?

I’m working on three different blog posts, including a super-dandy write up about the awesomeness that was my weekend trip to Chicago for Skepticamp. Things have been pretty crazy though and I’ve barely had had time to sleep, what getting back to Minneapolis late on Sunday, having to save unconscious humans from demons on Monday …

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Apr 08 2011

Blog Admin: Links

It was time for a little spring cleaning around here! My links were getting out of control for a while. I’ve removed most of the inactive sites and organized the remaining links in an order that is certainly more friendly for me. Take a look through the categories in the sidebar and go visit some …

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Mar 20 2011

And we’re back!

It’s been a crazy busy March and I took a lovely break from everything, including updating the blog. But we’ll be getting back to the regularly scheduled program now, and I can’t wait to share all of the fun times I’ve had at MarsCon, down in Cozumel and all sorts of other little adventures.  

Mar 08 2011

MarsCon 2011 Teaser Photo

I’ve been crazy busy. Last weekend I  was at MarsCon, a fantasy/scifi convention in Bloomington, MN and this week I’m preparing for a trip to Cozumel. Rough life, I know.  Plus I have two standing engagements this week; Monday I was gaming and Thursday I’m going to monthly meeting of the Minneapolis Skeptics. That leaves …

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Jan 20 2011

Talk to Me!

I’ve added a new page to the Biodork blog called “Talk to Me!” It will be a permanent link available in the right sidebar under “Pages”.  On this page I list my contact info and reasons why I think you should Talk to Me! such as to: Tell me about a COOL STORY or LINK. Inquire …

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