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Jan 14 2014

Some Cool Stuff Coming Up


There are so many geeky, gaming, skeptical, atheist events on the horizon for 2014! Eeeeeee! Geeks Without God on Atheists Talk – January 18th, 2014 This Sunday I’ll be interviewing Tim Wick, Molly Glover and Nick Glover on Atheists Talk. They’re the hosts of the podcast Geeks Without God. They’re Very Funny People and totally …

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Sep 08 2013

Interview with Greta Christina for Atheists Talk

Who had the most fun this morning? That would be moi. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Greta Christina for the radio show that I co-host for Minnesota Atheists, Atheists Talk. We discussed anger – what it is, what it isn’t – and anger’s place in activism. The inspiration for our talk was Greta’s book Why Are …

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Feb 03 2013

Godless Money Fundraiser


How cool is this? A member of Minnesota Atheists has donated some of her early-1950s US paper money to use as a fundraiser for the Atheists Talk radio show that I co-host with Stephanie Zvan and other members of Minnesota Atheists. The bill is free from God – the “In God We Trust” motto didn’t …

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Nov 15 2012

Give To The Max Day: Atheists Talk Radio

Give to the Max Day Logo

Give to the Max Day is happening RIGHT NOW. It’s a day of charitable giving run by by givemn.org, which offers several financial incentives to inspire nonprofit, school and donor participation in Give to the Max Day. So…

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Oct 30 2012

Student Atheists on the Radio

102812 CASH Interview - Joshua, Brianne, Carver

On Sunday I had the pleasure of interviewing two members of the University of Minnesota’s Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (CASH), Bryan Carver and Joshua Brose. The interview was a live, in-studio chat for Atheists Talk on KTNF (AM950). Carver and Joshua were good sports and agreed to take a photo with me, even though …

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Jun 22 2012

6 O’Clock BS: What Should We Ask Katherine?

Guess what? This weekend Atheists Talk radio show is interviewing Katherine Stewart! This Katherine Stewart: So, we’ve got Katherine Stewart, investigative journalist, parent and author of The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children. She’s going to be on the air with us to discuss her personal experiences with The Good …

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Jun 10 2012

Today: Atheists Talk


This morning at 9am CST, Scott Lohman and Carl Hancock will be interviewing Robert Price, the author of The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems on KTNF AM950. You can stream the show live or download it later on iTunes or listen to it on the Minnesota Atheists podcast page. “The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems” …

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Jun 04 2012

6 O’Clock BS – Home Again Home Again

I went camping this weekend, so it’s been a bit slow here at Biodork. I actually did have wireless at the camp site, but somehow managed to find things to do that didn’t involve internet (*gasp*!). We went walking through the woods, sat around the campfire, sang camping songs, chatted with friends over meals, and …

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Apr 30 2012

ZOMG Guess Who I Just Talked To!


I’ll give you a few hints. 1) It was on the radio. 2) About a newly published book. 3) 4) His last name rhymes with “LeBrass Bison”

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Mar 18 2012

I Did This Today


This was just a typical day for me, hanging out with Phil Ferguson (Skeptic Money), Greg Laden (X Blog), Jen McCreight (Blag Hag) – that’s me next – and Stephanie Zvan (Almost Diamonds).  Back story: The Atheists Talk radio show had Jen in the studio for a live interview. Greg, Stephanie, Jen and myself chatted about …

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