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Jan 14 2013

Calm in any crisis – except our own.

IMAG1135 (577x1024)

Wow. This weekend. Where to start? On Thursday evening I was getting ready to tackle my last day of work. It had been a tough week; I had pulled 14 hour shifts on both Monday and Wednesday and had only taken about five hours of sleep every night for the past three days. I was …

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Dec 05 2012

From The Other Side of the Sidewalk

A while back I asked people who had been affected by anti-choice protesters to share their stories with me for a project I was working on. That project was put on the shelf, but I am posting this story as a standalone piece because it is unique; it comes from someone who had an experience …

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Nov 12 2012

Missing David

Walking into the family home. It’s warm with light and laughter and decoration. Different faces than expected, but familiar nonetheless. No awkwardness from the core group. Old patterns immediately, comfortably assumed. The dogs greet each other – a flurry of clanging tags whipping tails breathless panting. I reacquaint with the leather-bound library and tattered children’s …

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Jul 10 2012

6 O’Clock BS: Bridegroom

I sent $25 to this Kickstarter, because damn. As of this writing the Bridegroom project needs less than $7000 to meet their $300,000 goal, and they’re got eight days to do it. They’re proposing to use the money to enhance the production value of the film, and for marketing, distribution and music. They want to …

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Jun 10 2012

Aaron’s Story

Aaron donated $20 to SSA and requested that I tell a story about him using the five following words: Fabulous, Regular, Apples, Cookies, Grin Thanks for the challenge, Aaron! Here’s your story. *************** In a future far distant from our own, after human civilization had risen and evolved and fallen and adapted and risen again, …

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Apr 25 2012

Unhappy Scientist

I was speaking to one of the women in our lab yesterday about what we would do if we weren’t in the jobs that we hold. She’s about 10 years from retirement and can’t wait to get out of the “science business”. She says she regrets being a scientist because she doesn’t like who it’s …

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Feb 14 2012

A Moment of Happy

I loved reading this short story. I was hunched over my phone, nearly weeping into my lunch today when I got to the gloriously sappy, beautiful ending. It’s a birthday story. It’s a mystery. It’s an adventure. It’s a love story. Here’s an excerpt: She raced into the parking lot, and as she ran in …

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