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Apr 16 2013

MN State Science & Engineering Fair


Last week I had the pleasure of volunteering as a judge for the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair. The top projects from Junior High and Senior High schools all over Minnesota were displayed. “Junior High” or “Middle School” projects encompassed grades 6-8 (which means the students were approximately 11-13 years old) and “High School” …

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Nov 30 2012

Sex Ed – We’re Doin It Wrong

I was recently accepted as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota-North Dakota-South Dakota. One of the requirements for becoming a volunteer was attending four classes. The first two were introductions to the organization; the third and fourth were educational sessions focused on the basics of sexual transmitted infections (STIs), reproductive health and contraception. It …

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Oct 23 2012

Ohio STARS 2012 Costume Campaign


Woo-hoo! Halloween is just around the corner! What are you dressing up as? A witch? A pirate? A clown? A nun? An inappropriately sexy fairy tale character? There are a lot of options for playing dress up during Halloween. While you’re thinking about your costume, the Ohio STARS - Students Teaching About Racism in Society – …

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Sep 26 2012

Gravity Is Just a Theory

You Know, Gravity is Only a Theory Too © Ellen Bulger

This is a post by guest blogger Ellen Bulger. If I hear “Evolution is only a theory!” one more time, my head might very well explode. What in hell goes on in the schools? Maybe, instead of the dumbed-down GEE-WHIZ-WATER-IS-WET science that is designed to break the hearts of the kids who really care and …

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Aug 07 2012

Eugenie Scott at University of Minnesota

DSC_0750 (1024x620)

I attended Dr. Eugenie Scott’s talk, “Climate Change – Why the Resistance?” at the University of Minnesota last night. The venue was perfect for the audience size. I sat in the fourth row of the Cowles auditorium in Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Audio was spot on and there were no technical issues to distract …

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Aug 06 2012

Twin Cities – Get Involved TONIGHT!

There are a couple of interesting-looking events happening in Minneapolis this evening: Minnesota Voter Identification Amendment – Community Awareness/Education Event Congressman Keith Ellison is hosting a community forum and panel discussion to discuss the Minnesota Voter Identification Amendment that will be on the Minnesota ballot this fall. Representative Ellison is encouraging constituents to come out …

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Feb 28 2012

Buccaneer’s Ball in Photos


Finally! Last Wednesday a bunch of friends and I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Social Science event, Buccaneer’s Ball. Social Science is a quarterly event that SMM holds on a weeknight after normal business hours. The event is restricted to people who are at least 21 years old. The museum brings in cash …

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Dec 08 2011

Calculus: The Musical

On Tuesday a friend invite me to join him for a show at Huge Improv Theater called Calculus: The Musical. It was a small production. Two actors portrayed many different characters, there was no intermission, and there were several frenzied costume changes during the show. Both actors played guitar at points, and one had several pieces …

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Dec 02 2011

A Sad Day in the Science Classroom

I opened up the Star Tribune to a sad story. From the Star Tribune: Thursday morning, ninth-graders in the second-hour science class at Maple Grove Junior High School had turned their desks toward the science table where teacher Matthew Achor conducted experiments for the class final. The first time the teacher dropped a match into …

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Oct 17 2011

Academic Animal Dissection, FY!

This morning I saw one of my Facebook Friends showing off a t-shirt that really annoyed me: Image shows a cartoon frog with the words “cut class, not frogs!” and “Don’t dissect.” “peta2″ Of course it’s a PETA shirt, which is one mark against it, but it’s the joyous anti-intellectualism of the message that first …

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