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Lab Life is Rough

Busy lab, limited resources. Everyone wants to use the same equipment. Jeepers. Some days.


Image shows the scene from “Finding Nemo” where the crab fends off the seagulls (the ones who yell “MINE! MINE!). Text says: “C’mon guys – I got here FIRST!”. The crab is labeled “me”. The seagulls are labeled “The coworkers, they want my instruments!”


  1. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Tee hee!

    Really, that’s got to be a bit of a stressor and a bummer at times.

  2. ischemgeek says

    Yeah, I’ve had those “Why am I here at two AM on a Saturday morning? Oh, right, it’s because that’s the only time [instrument I need] is free” moments.

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