Not gonna tip. Not gonna do it.

Steven Olsen from WWJTD posted this photo on Facebook from the FB group for 

The image shows writing scrawled in pen on a piece of paper that says:


Your service was Great. The Reason for No tip – I am starting my own Redistribution Plan Like Obama – Started 11/6/12 – I no Longer Tip or Donate to Charities. I give the Money to My Church instead & wounded warriors.

Thanks for Understanding

PS. Please Don’t Be offended I will Redistribute My own Money as I See fit!


There are many reasons why note this is frustrating. Here’s a few:

Number the first: For better or worse we tip our servers in the United States. It is very easy to make an argument against tipping (check out this 2008 article from the NYT called Why Tip? It’s fascinating), and how and why we decide how much to tip is as unique as the individual dining situations that we find ourselves in. But pouting because the other guy won the election has got to be one of the shittier excuses I’ve seen for not leaving a tip.

Number the second: You’re not going to leave tips or donate to charity, but you’re going to donate to your church? WHY? Why are you giving to your church? To where do you think that money is going? To church infrastructure? To supporting your church leaders’ house(s)? To church-approved charities (which are, you must assume, different from the other charities you might be giving to). To buy yourself a place in heaven? To spite Obama and the liberal agenda? <–lolwut? Why are these uses of your money better than donating to other charities? And PROTIP (ha! Pun!): Tipping your server is not charity.

Number the third: Redistribution of wealth. This is yet another case of someone looking at a word or phase and re-interpreting it in a manner that they see fit. Redistribution of wealth is a concept that is applied at a group level. To say that you’re going to “redistribute your wealth as you see fit” when what you mean is you’re going to “spend your money as you see fit” is to show your ignorance about the complex concept that is redistribution of wealth. If you want to make an argument against redistribution because you oppose the government telling you how to spend your money, or because you believe that redistribution is used by the government to set spending priorities that the populace doesn’t support, recognize the fact that tipping your server is the exact opposite of government control. YOU have the choice of how to spend your money when you tip. Ain’t gettin any more independent than that. Don’t blame the Obama administration for your greed and/or anti-social views.

Number the fourth: Good luck with trying to tell your server that they shouldn’t take offense at your jerkish behavior. Let’s see how that goes, shall we?


  1. TGAP Dad says

    I hope to FSM that this person paid with a credit card, and the server outs him/her. I think it would be great if this person never got served at a restaurant again.

  2. Tony ∞ºQueer Duck Hivemind Minionº∞ says

    As a service industry employee for 20 years, I find this woman’s attitude appalling. She’s mad at Obama, so she punishes her server???

  3. Christoph Burschka says

    His church obviously needs that money way more than a below-minimum-wage waitress, what with the enormous taxes they don’t pay.

  4. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Clearly, this person likes the taste of dirt, spit, hair or insects in his restaurant food.

  5. smrnda says

    There’s so much wrong with this. First, given the low compensation to wait staff tips are basically just payment for services rendered where, if the client decides not to pay, they won’t be sent to collections since the only person losing money is the server, and not the restaurant, and they aim to screw their workers as much as possible much of the time.

    The other possibility is that this person acknowledges that he is taking away a person’s just wages because he believes that *this is what Obama is actually doing* (taking away money from workers and spending as he sees fit.) But tax policies over Obama haven’t even touched on tax increases for the vast majority of Americans, and Obama hasn’t even talked about raising taxes, just letting the Bush tax cuts (which really got our economy booming) expire for high earners. Before you gripe about wealth redistribution, show some evidence that we’re actually seeing substantial wealth redistribution and that this wealth redistribution is taking money away either from yourself or someone who actually worked for their money.

    Overall, it’s an obnoxious action taken by someone who feels if they don’t get their way, they’ll take it out on someone who has less than them. It’s the entitled whining of most conservatives, who have no sense of decency or social responsibility and who only can think in terms of ‘I didn’t get my way.’

  6. says

    Number the fifth: Republicans are the reason restaurants are allowed to pay waitstaff a significantly lower minimum wage than other workers and expect that the generous tips (mostly by liberals, in my experience) will make up the difference.

    • Tony ∞ºQueer Duck Hivemind Minionº∞ says

      On a related note, I’d be curious to know the political leanings of high maintenance guests. Or the rude ones. Or the ones who expect every single damn thing to be perfect, otherwise they’ll complain. I am biased because I’ve been in the bar/restaurant industry for so long, so I’m incredibly patient and forgiving, but I have a hard time understanding why some people freak out when they get a glass of UNsweet tea by accident (instead of sweet tea) and get so mad you’d think someone botched their surgery. I know that guests are paying for the products that they order, and from *our* end, we damn well need to make sure they get what they ordered, *how* they ordered, in a timely and friendly manner, but that is no excuse for treating servers or bartenders like they’re your personal slaves.

      • Tracey says

        I wonder about people who lose their minds, too. We’ve all been busy and made mistakes in our jobs and so long as there’s no harm done (e.g. a diabetic getting sweet tea or someone allergic to peanuts getting a peanut-laden dish), a quiet word to the server keeps the meal pleasant.

        • Kim says

          I went out for dinner with a guy and he asked me why I said please and thank you to the server. I explained that is how you treat other people. He thought it wasn’t needed because it is their job to bring you stuff. I was rather confused. I thought you treat all people with courtesy. And he probably doesn’t realize/know that I probably get better service than he does because I treat the server (and retail clerks, etc.) with respect. (And I didn’t continue to go out with him when I realized how self centered and arrogant he was.)
          Remember, they are your server, not your servant.

  7. Rodney Nelson says

    So a person is disappointed that Romney wasn’t elected President and so is punishing someone who needs tips to earn a working wage. I’m certainly impressed by the maturity and care for others displayed by the jerk.

  8. silomowbray says

    My guess: Whether the non-tipper admits it or not, she’s punishing someone who is poor, teaching the poor person a lesson for voting for Obama. Couching it in “Hey it’s not you, it’s me!” terms, of course, so as not to appear to be that much of an asshole casserole on the surface.

  9. ButchKitties says

    That note certainly made a good case for automatically adding a gratuity to all restaurant bills, no matter the party size.

    • Sercee says

      I just wish that service industry staff would get treated as professionals and get paid a professional salary. Screw minimum wage, make an actual pay benchmark for a real service that is obviously in demand and take the tips out. If the server is good at their job their salary increases just like an engineer or other professional would, and if they suck they face the consequences. They wouldn’t lose money for slow days or for tables who stay in their section longer and businesses would actually gain as their product improves. That could just be me, though.

      It’s been years since I worked in a restaurant but I remember clearly how frustrating it was to go above and beyond and still get people who make excuses or just don’t get it, and sometimes seem proud of themselves for spending less.

  10. Trebuchet says

    The server is even going to get taxed on the non-existent tip — the IRS assumes a certain level of tipping regardless.

    • TGAP Dad says

      IIRC the same law requires an employer to make up any shortfall should wage + tips total less than minimum wage.

      • MrsFothergill says

        the same law requires an employer to make up any shortfall should wage + tips total less than minimum wage.

        Not in the real world. The employer simply claims that the shortfall is from tips you pocketed without their knowledge, and that any decent waitress would have made…

        Another neat trick is to deduct walkouts from either your tips or paycheck. There are many worse stories than mine – I bailed fast.

        • N. Nescio says

          Hell, most corporate restaurants will straight-up FIRE a server if they “allow” a table to walk out without paying a $50 or more ticket. While this might prevent unscrupulous servers from letting their friends/family eat for free, it also places servers in the situation where they somehow have to “not allow” a table to dine and dash. What do they expect, that the server will physically restrain non-paying guests?

  11. lorn says

    This person needs to be taken aside and given the memo about how you don’t piss off people who handle your food. They are smart to set it up that he insult is delivered after food handling is over but he/she better not return.

    It is stupid and wrong to not tip if service was at least nominally acceptable. Shockingly dumb to try to use not tipping, does anyone really believe this person normally leaves a good tip, to deliver a political message.

    A person this unfeeling probably couldn’t be convinced to tip by any means. Which is why I think the reminder about pissing people off who handle your food might work. People that unfeeling can be reached if an argument is made as to how good behavior benefits them, often by avoiding blow back. I like to use an argument that has better odds of getting through.

    Good odds the wait staff will remember this person’s face. If they ever come back he/she can fully expect the next dish they get to special handling.

    • N. Nescio says

      I hope it’s a small, one-unit restaurant and the service staff has the backing of management. I’d love to see the look on that jerk’s face when the FOH manager walks over and informs them that none of the staff is willing to serve them, and that they might wish to “redistribute” their wealth somewhere else.

  12. ericblair says

    What I would do: If I were the waiter getting a not like this, I’d save it. The next time the person came in, I’d try to get a photo of the asshole. Then I’d post the photo and a copy of the note in a public place just outside the restaurant.

  13. geocatherder says

    You have to be careful what you do as waitstaff, so you don’t get fired. But I would certainly expect that if the idiot came into that restaurant again, s/he’d get, er, less than the best service.

  14. 742 says

    im reading ‘i think you voted for a candidate i dont like. i think you did it because youre poor and rely on government handouts rather than working for a living like real americans do. i dont like him because i think hes “socialist”(also muslim athiest involved in a vast bhuddist liberal conspiracy, but thats not relevant here). socialism is like communism, and i think thats bad. communism, as all god-fearing amuricans know, is a horrible eeeeevil thing, so im going to support free markets by paying you the same low amount no matter how well you do your job.’

  15. Tyrant says

    We also have to take into account that young waitresses are usually attractive, but unmarried (otherwise their husbands would take care of them and not let them do menial jobs like this). This means that she is surely living in sin. Giving the money to the church instead is thus the only moral option. We wish her all the best of course, but we know that she does not really deserve the money, and we think that she should know and accept this with gratitude and humility.

  16. left0ver1under says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Crystal never talked politics to the self-righteous hypocrite. The person likely chose to be an idiot and a jerk voluntarily.

  17. lorn says

    godless11b @ 16.

    A dime will get you a dollar that this person generally doesn’t tip and is just using the note as cover. Odds that this is someone who normally tips generously, but was recently persuaded to stop by a compelling political/moral argument is slim to none.

    What gets me about assholes isn’t that they exist. Assholes have been a constant through time. What gets me is how insecure they are. They really, really need some excuse, and they will spend considerable amounts of time and mental activity to have one they can hide behind.

    • davidjanes says

      The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

      -John Kenneth Galbraith

  18. changerofbits says

    Can’t you just feel christ’s love in this wonderful note? Praise jeebus, by their fruits you will know their ‘bagginess!

  19. lochaber says

    I don’t get this… I can understand undertipping for poor service, or maybe even skipping the tip if the service is egregiously bad.

    At the same time, I’ve had several friends from other countries where tipping doesn’t happen, and it’s sometimes a hard concept for them to get.

    I have a real hard time differentiating the above from theft of services/fraud/breech of contract. Virtually everyone knows that when you enter a sit-down restaurant, and get table service, it comes at the cost of 15-20% of the meal’s cost. This isn’t the sorta thing that should surprise anyone. If you think tipping is horrible, or you shouldn’t have to, or whatever, then get your meal to go (and wait in the lobby), go order take out, go to a crap fastfood place, or make it your own damnself.

    I don’t like the tipping system in America, as I feel it’s a system that benefits the wealthy (restaurant owners/diners) at the expense of the working poor. I’ve worked food service before, and ~8 times out of 10, it was a truly horrible experience. I’ve also worked with the public in numerous jobs, and that also is a truly horrible experience, nearly every time. I can only imagine the combination of the two that is waitstaff.

    I strongly feel that waitstaff (and other service professionals) should be fairly compensated by their employers for the job they do, and that tipping should be for exceptional service. However, I realize that that is not the current situation, and I am aware that tipping is expected before I enter an establishment. I feel that if I cannot afford to tip, then I can not truly afford to eat there (even if I can afford the advertised price).

    I see entering one of these establishments as agreeing to expecting a reasonable amount of service, at the cost of an additional ~20%. If someone doesn’t agree to that arrangement, then they are free to pursue one of the options I listed previously.

    If it wasn’t so horrible, it would be almost funny that someone who (likely) complains about handouts and takers, was perfectly willing to accept ‘Great’ service, but not willing to pay for it.

  20. roxchix says

    This is the credit card receipt, for those that wanted to know if the server knew the customers name. If you flip the image horizontally and apply a slight stretch, you can clearly see the signature, and sorta see the date and that it was an American Express card. The date is post-election. I think it says November 12. I can see the signature, I just can’t transliterate the signature.

    • N. Nescio says

      There’s some scratching on the front side, too – underneath “like Obama” and “donate to”. I can’t tell if it’s the jerkoff in question scratching out the ‘tip’ portions of the ticket, or the server just being ethical and blacking out identifying information.

  21. demonhauntedworld says

    I’ve always thought the tipping system was absurd, but that’s no excuse to shaft people on top of being a smarmy asshole.

    My proposed replacement system is that you leave a tip *before* you get your meal. That way you establish an SLA (service-level agreement) with your server from the outset. :)

  22. m says

    I can’t help but notice the large number of commenter’s that just assume the republican none tipping ass-hole is a he. Good to see socially accepted man-hate is flourishing on FTB.

    When can’t people get that it’s not cool to be a bigot, and just because you’re being sexist against men does not mean you’re not being a bigot.

        • says

          But that would mean interpreting pronoun assumptions as an issue of sexism, misogyny, cissexism and other widely recognizable, easily verified and long-established-in-this-exact-context cultural biases, rather than confirming their pet theory of MISANDRY! and FEMALE PRIVILEGE!, and that means it must be wrong.

          For the record, yeah, I think making pronoun assumptions like that is a problematic thing. I try to apologize when I catch myself doing it. But the problem here isn’t “culturally acceptable man-hate” or whatever. I honestly think it’s hilarious that this issue that’s CONSISTENTLY been summarily dismissed by MRAs whenever feminists use it to illustrate misogyny or cissexism is now being used by the same people as “evidence” of some kind of misandrist bias when it happens to be (relatively) spinnable in the right direction (i.e. the “universal he” being applied to an asshole instead of… everyone else.)

          So I guess MRAs are now on side with adopting “ze”, “hir” and “them”, now? 😛

          • cheesynougats says

            To be fair to the MRA, I can’t imagine anyone other than a white, Christian, straight, cis male writing this. Say what you will about equal opportunity and avoiding assumptions, most assholes like this are white, Christian, straight, cis males. At least in the US; YMMV.

  23. edmundog says

    Some people put ‘she’. And the universal ‘he’ is gramatically correct. It may be annoying, but it’s a tough linguistic quirk for some people to shake. Lovely of you to focus on what’s really important here, though.

  24. DLC says

    If I were that server’s manager I’d be talking to the customer at the front door. phrases like “you miserable fuck, get the fuck out of my restaurant and don’t come back” come to mind. The entire thing is pathetic. “I’z not tipn u ’cause Obama!”

  25. Wheel says

    I suppose he’s never planning on going back to that restaurant again…or maybe he just likes the taste of spit in his food.

  26. SergeantJohn says

    Number the fifth, an asshole who stiffs waitresses in order to teach them to hate Obama isn’t giving to his church or to “wounded warriors,” either. He’s spending the dough on wrestling pay-per-views and Glenn Beck’s seed packets. We can take comfort in knowing that he’s getting extra ingredients in his meal if he dares show his face at that restaurant again.

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