Mom’s In Town

Mom drove up from Carbondale, Illinois on Saturday. We’ve had all sorts of adventures since then. Yesterday Mom made a homemade golden cabbage roll dinner while the Hubby and I were at work. I haven’t had cabbage rolls since, well, since I lived at home with Mom. So good! Mmm…molasses. I usually do the cooking in our house, so having someone else cook a homemade meal…in my own house…waiting for me when I get home…bliss.

Last night we watched Cabin in the Woods. I’m still processing. I think I liked it. Like so many people I’ve talked to about this movie, I am a Joss Whedon fan but I don’t often enjoy horror movies. Reading the Wikipedia plot synopsis after the movie was over helped to clarify a few things for me, but I think Whedon and Drew Goddard threw more horror movie and social commentary into the story than I fully grasped in the first viewing. I rarely watch commentary tracks, but I might have to make an exception for Cabin in the Woods.


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