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Morning at the Campsite

The snoring of my cabin mate, a strange bed and dawn light spilling through the windows…aaaaaaand I’M UP!

Early morning at the camp site. Can you believe that some people chose to sleep in tents instead of air-conditioned cabins? There’s no accounting for taste! (/teasing)

It smells so good out here. Last night we watched stray meteors streak across the night sky, and I was surrounded by the yellow-green winking of fireflies. I don’t see a lot of fireflies in Minneapolis; I wonder if it’s because they’re not there or because I haven’t looked for them in a while.

Coffee was just put out! Hooray! And somebody just set up the Eye Opener bar – bloody marys and screwdrivers. It may be a little early for…naaaaahhhh.

Today we’ll play horseshoes and other outdoorsy games, although if the heat gets bad we may retreat to the air-conditioning for a rousing game of Trivia Pursuit  or maybe Everybody Go Read Your Kindles Or Take A Nap And Don’t Talk To Me Because It’s Too Effing Hot.

The day is full of lazy potential. Or potential laziness. Something like that.


  1. BinJabreel says

    I like “lazy potential”, because it sounds more like you’re accomplishing something.

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