Jun 06 2012

Science Puns for Lunch

On today’s lunch menu: Science puny goodness.

I made this:

Cooh story, bro.

And a coworker told the joke that inspired this:

I’ll send the first commenter who correctly identifies the pun being made in the image above some awesome science stickers.




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  1. 1
    Tabby Lavalamp

    Ferris Wheel!

    1. 1.1

      Ferrous wheel. Unfortunately, in the presence of oxygen, this would quickly convert to a ferric wheel.

      1. Tabby Lavalamp

        Ah. I thought it was about what the pun was referencing. I didn’t know about “ferrous wheel” though so I would not have been able to answer that.

  2. 2
    Robert B

    Ferrous wheel.

  3. 3
    E.A. Blair

    I don’t know abut #1, but #2 is a Ferrous Wheel (and it was old when I was in college).

  4. 4
    1. 4.1
      Brianne Bilyeu

      Ooooo…nerdy science t-shirts are a weakness of mine.

  5. 5

    Then there’s this one:

    NaCl(aq) NaCl(aq)

    1. 5.1

      Saline, Saline over the seven C’s ?

      1. Brianne Bilyeu

        WOAH! We’ve been playing with this one in the office for a little while now, but EmbraceYourInnerCrone just beat us to it! Nicely done, both of you!

        1. embraceyourinnercrone

          Thank you! My daughter’s hs chem teacher used to use this sort of puzzle to help them review and I used to try to figure them out. Also I work in a path lab and we always have puzzle contests during lab week. I’m a helpdesk tech but I always love figuring them out.

  6. 6
    Brianne Bilyeu

    Alright – I’m offering up three sets of science stickers – one to Tabby Lavalamp who first posted about the Ferris/Ferrous Wheel, and one each to Lorax and Robert B who answered at almost exactly the same time with the “Ferrous” spelling. If you would like me to send you stickers, you three can contact me at [email protected] with the address to which you’d like me to send the stickers, or I’ll contact you via the email with which you commented. Thanks for playing!

    1. 6.1
      Robert B

      Hooray and thanks! I’ll keep my favs and give the rest out as prizes at the next Drinking Skeptically meetup.

      BTW, ever seen BaNa2?

      1. Brianne Bilyeu

        Yes :)

    2. 6.2
      Tabby Lavalamp

      What does it say about how vigourously I protect my online privacy and anonymity that I’m considering turning the stickers down?
      At this point it’s verging on paranoia so I’m going to go ahead and send you the information with a heartfelt thank you…

      1. Brianne Bilyeu

        I understand your concern, and wouldn’t have faulted you at all if you had declined.

  7. 7
    Brother In Law

    I really don’t get the first one

  8. 8
    a la Tuba

    Doctor: Bad news, the test results show an extra methyl group on your left big toe.
    Patient: Is it serious? can it be removed?
    Doctor: No, I’m afraid it’s terminal.

  9. 9

    Don’t suppose the first one is Acid trip? Just a guess…

  10. 10
    Peter B





    The definite integral of 1/x dx from 1 to cabin

    1. 10.1

      H to O (H2O)

      Hi Ho Silver!


      no idea , I suck at math

    2. 10.2
      thunk: turmite city

      The last one: log(cabin)+C

      In other words, a houseboat!

      1. Peter B

        Close, but note that I specified the *definite* integral of 1/x from 1 to cabin. I.e. the area under 1/x from 1..cabin. No C needed.

        It’s a natural log cabin.

  11. 11
    Mark Stallman

    The first one is beer goggles!

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