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  1. E.A. Blair says

    I don’t know abut #1, but #2 is a Ferrous Wheel (and it was old when I was in college).

      • Brianne Bilyeu says

        WOAH! We’ve been playing with this one in the office for a little while now, but EmbraceYourInnerCrone just beat us to it! Nicely done, both of you!

        • embraceyourinnercrone says

          Thank you! My daughter’s hs chem teacher used to use this sort of puzzle to help them review and I used to try to figure them out. Also I work in a path lab and we always have puzzle contests during lab week. I’m a helpdesk tech but I always love figuring them out.

  2. Brianne Bilyeu says

    Alright – I’m offering up three sets of science stickers – one to Tabby Lavalamp who first posted about the Ferris/Ferrous Wheel, and one each to Lorax and Robert B who answered at almost exactly the same time with the “Ferrous” spelling. If you would like me to send you stickers, you three can contact me at Irockandgetaprize@hotmail.com with the address to which you’d like me to send the stickers, or I’ll contact you via the email with which you commented. Thanks for playing!

  3. a la Tuba says

    Doctor: Bad news, the test results show an extra methyl group on your left big toe.
    Patient: Is it serious? can it be removed?
    Doctor: No, I’m afraid it’s terminal.

      • Peter B says

        Close, but note that I specified the *definite* integral of 1/x from 1 to cabin. I.e. the area under 1/x from 1..cabin. No C needed.

        It’s a natural log cabin.

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