6 O’Clock BS – Welcome Back!

My coworker has been on vacation this week. He and some buddies went up to Canada to go fishing. During his absence, my coworkers and I decided to pretty up his office space.


  1. E.A. Blair says

    At one place I worked, there was a guy who kep a record of his daily activities on those upiquitous page-a-day calendars that most workplaces used to be infested with. One day, someone tore a blank weekend page off his calendar to leave him a note. He was so annoyed by this that he posted a sign on his desk reading, “calendar, NOT notepad”.

    When he arrived at work the following Monday, there was a post-it note on the door reading, “work, NOT home”. When he got to his office door, there was another note reading “office, NOT rec room”. When he opened the door, he found that his entire workspace had been plastered with post-its informing him that his desk was not a chair, his chair was not a desk and the floor was not a ceiling and so on (there was even one on the underside of his mouse pad informing him that it was a mouse mat, not a coworker named Matt). It took him nearly half an hour to clean them all up, and he was still finding some notes weeks later. There were at least as many notes as there are fish in those photos.

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