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  1. says

    It makes sense from a Christian fundie perspective.

    Gays don’t reproduce, they recruit. If you put all the gays in a concentration camp, they’ll die out and no more gay people cause they won’t be able to recruit anyone else.

    It’s ridiculous, ignorant, and just another stupid fundie idiocy.

  2. fastlane says

    I wonder if we could find someone that could do a reasonably good impersonation of that pastor, and change ‘gay’ to xian.

    Then watch the cognitive dissonance, whining, and fundy head assploding (for the few who get it).

  3. Mr.Kosta says

    Despicable wastes of oxygen, them all. This pastor and his congregation, of course, not the perfectly fine LGBT folk out there.

  4. says

    And what would Pastor Worley do with people who didn’t want their gay family members interned, send SWAT teams to their houses to forcibly remove the gays?

  5. Mike says

    Folks don’t forget to write your review of Providence Road Baptist Church (in Maiden, NC) on Yelp.

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