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Go ‘way I’m busy.

No blog posts today. I’m too busy freaking out about speaking at the University of Minnesota tonight. CASH – Campus Atheists Skeptics and Humanists – was kind enough to invite me to speak about blogging, atheism and activism. I started really working on the slides/notes a couple of days ago, but it’s crunch time now and eveything that I’ve put together seems awful and trivial and it’s all going to be horrendously boring and like “Hurr durr, I write sturf on the internetz”.

Nah. I’m kidding. I got this.

But I do have to finish these slides.

If you want to see my awesome talk tonight, come on down to Coffman Room 303 (300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN) at 7pm. We’re going for pizza and drinks afterwards.

See you tomorrow.

Oh – oh wait! Just one quickie – Today is the Minnesota AIDS Project’s annual fundraiser, Dining Out for Life.

A number of restaurants in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Greater Minnesota are donating a percentage of today’s sales to MAP. A note on the MAP site shows that we’ve crashed the Dining Out for Life website, but you can view the printable list here to find out if there are participating restaurants near you. We went to Anodyne for an early breakfast.


It’s an excuse to eat out! And you get to support MAP, an organization that provides support for people living with HIV/AIDS and engages in community outreach and education.

So go eat. Then come see me at the U of MN tonight.

Ciao! (<— sounds like “chow” – like “chow down” for MAP. See?)


  1. says

    I rather enjoyed your talk, Ms. Biodork. Your voice is very easy on the ears. I had intended to pass along my blog (although it is unimpressive) but more importantly was going to begin to encourage MN bloggers (especially freethoughtblogs) to assist in promoting PARTY! (as I believe it is at the intersection of several important movements). I’m sure we’ll touch base soon!

    Jack Rivall

      • Brianne Bilyeu says

        That wasn’t a book – I mentioned Brian Gregory’s website “The Things I’ve Missed, A Growing List” in passing when we were talking about the sheer magnitude of information that’s available on the internet. It’s at The post I’m working on right now will contain some of the other blogs and resources that I referenced last night. Thanks for coming. I really did have a good time.

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