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You Pagans With Your “Earth Days”!

The Dinkus of the Day award goes to Representative Mary Franson from Minnesota District 11B (covers a large swath of central eastern side of the state).

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“It absolutely infuriates me, celebration of a Pagan holiday, worship of Nature and not God’s nature,” Alexandria Representative Franson tweeted on Earth Day.”

Yup. She tweeted that on Earth Day. You can watch the Kare11 story here. Back in March Mary Franson got in hot water when she compared food stamp recipients with how you shouldn’t feed wild animals because then they’ll never learn how to feed themselves:

Hey look! Another conservative who has figured out the formula:

Say despicable things about human beings + God is Great =

Instant Media Superstar!

I wonder where she got the idea that that would work?


  1. Brownian says

    she compared food stamp recipients with how you shouldn’t feed wild animals because then they’ll never learn how to feed themselves

    For people who just hate the government so-o-o-o much, these types sure don’t mind getting cushy positions within it.

  2. says

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

    “Worship of Nature” = “This here planet’s the only one we’ve got, so we’d best take care of it so our great-great-grandkids will have a place to keep their stuff.”

    Worship of God’s nature” = “God gave us this planet and He wouldn’t possibly let us ruin it before Jesus comes back and takes his Chosen Ones back up with him to Heaven, so DRILL, BABY, DRILL!”

    Does that about cover it?

    • Makoto says

      I’ve actually heard the arguments “God said he wouldn’t destroy the earth, therefore global warming / peak oil / pollution / etc are all just leftist/paganist/socialist/naziist/communist/whateverist plots to take away our money and push us into a third world socialist/whatever country.

      Sorry, lots of options there, because I’ve heard lots of variants. All from “good Christian folk”. To me, it all boils down to “do whatever to the planet, because Jesus”, which yes, makes no sense at all.

  3. Sercee says

    Earth Day isn’t a Pagan holiday. I just don’t know any pagans who don’t do something for it.

    Easter, however, is.

  4. dan4 says

    What’s the difference between “worshipping nature” and “worshipping God’s nature” (Franson sets up contrast between the two things in her tweet, after all)?

  5. Martin says

    Apart from her words showing that she is a grade-A deluded conservative asshat, I have to ask: Why on earth would the desk-picture of her children be facing away from her?

  6. E.A. Blair says

    “It absolutely infuriates me, celebration of a Pagan holiday…”

    You mean like Christmas, Easter and just about every other “holy” day in the Christian calendar? They are just about all co-opted Pagan festivals.

  7. smrnda says

    Earth day is just a day to remind ourselves that since we live on planet earth, and that our actions have consequences to the ecosystem of that planet that can have bad repercussions for us, that we ought to think about what we choose to do, given that we do, as a species, have choices.

    As far as balance goes, even if it was a Pagan holiday, we recognize Christian holidays, and we tend to acknowledge the Sunday deal which seems to be an official nod to the Christian majority.

    If Christians believe that by eating an apple humans can royally fuck up a great situation in a lush and verdant garden, how is it that we can’t fuck up a somewhat decent solution in a slightly inferior garden?

    If she’s so big on the idea that honoring anything but God Himself is a huge sacrilege, then how is patriotism not a vile form of idolatry?

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