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Happy Good Friday!

For the second year in a row I will be celebrating the holiday at Planned Parenthood , countering this kind of dumbz:

I’m pretty sure the “Chicken Strip” sign was for the DQ next door, and not an anti-choice protest sign. Poor framing of the shot. Mea culpa. *hehehe*

Our side had WAY more fun:

Plus we raised a crap-ton of money for Planned Parenthood through the Pledge-A-Protester effort.

Why is everyone out walking in circles in front of a doctor’s office? Let’s ask the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis:

Join with us to pray in front of Planned Parenthood on Good Friday. Fifteen area pastors will lead in scripture and prayer each half hour throughout the day. A life-sized cross will be our only sign as we carry the cross of abortion. An area will be cordoned off for a family-safe day of prayer. Last Good Friday, more than 2,500 Christians joined in prayer throughout the day at this vigil. Help us double those numbers on April 6! Invite your whole church.

One of the church congregations that attended last year had this to say about the event:
Pro-Life Action Ministry’s annual all-day Good Friday Prayer Vigil is quickly approaching. This is one of the most moving events you could attend to commemorate the passion and death of our Lord Jesus. This event will bring for you a deepened awareness and spiritual understanding of Jesus’ suffering and death which won our salvation. And it will greatly enhance the Good Friday services at your own church.

I don’t even…oww…it…so many irrelevant non-arguments…my head!

There’s still time to join in the fun today.  If you’re in the Twin Cities are, these are two way can get involved:

1) Come on down to the St. Paul Planned Parenthood Health Center (671 Vandalia Street) any time from 8am to 4pm today. Organizers will have signs that you can carry. Just jump in the march line and add your voice and presence to those of us who will be out to show that Minnesotans stand with Planned Parenthood!

2) Pledge a Protester – Over 1000 protesters are expected at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood today. For $10 you can “Pledge a Protester”, the idea being that the more protesters who show up, the more money they raise for Planned Parenthood. You know you want to: Click here to Pledge A Protester.

One more cup of coffee and then I’m out of here. Photos of the rally to follow in the next day or so. Happy Good Friday!


  1. says

    When I see that “I Regret My Abortion” sign, I’m tempted to tell her that I’m sure her mother regrets having given birth. This makes me a bad person, I’m sure.

  2. Ms. Crazy Pants says

    When I see that “I Regret My Abortion” sign, that just shows me they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. Turning anti-choice won’t change that she alone made that decision.

    I regret the guys I dated in my teens and 20′s. Does that mean that women shouldn’t be allowed to choose who they date or marry? I regret some of my job/career choices too. Guess everyone’s job should be chosen for them. Did I know I was going to make some disasters at the time I made those choices? Nope, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they were mine to make, and I’m happy they were mine to make.

    And, for those that use the argument, “what if your mother had aborted you?” My mom used to tell me when I was young that she wished I had naturally aborted myself like the few other kids did before me. Apparently I had to be stubborn and live. I’ve spent most of my life wishing I had been aborted. Abortion beats abuse.

  3. Keith says

    I spent the morning doing clinic escort duty myself. But in NYC it was a lot less interesting than the pictures you have in your post. 3 anti choice people, 3 escorts, and a few pamphlets being exchanged.

    The anti choice people packed up their rosaries and went home at 11am, so we did as well.

  4. cag says

    That boat anchor that the protesters are carrying looks like it has some design flaws. They failed to note that wood floats, and it helps if the anchor has flukes to dig into the seabed.

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