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Ringing Tattoos

Seen in the Star Tribune by Kristin Tillotson:

Sometimes, you feel a little tingle of anticipation when your cellphone rings. What if it happened every time?

Nokia has taken out a U.S. patent on technology used to create special tattoos that can pick up phone signals and send a “perceivable impulse” to your skin via magnetic waves from the ink, which contains iron. According to the patent, the tattoos could even allow you to customize sensations as if they were ring tones (a tickle if it’s your sweetie, a pinch if it’s your ex?). The patent also includes a temporary, stick-on tattoo option for those who aren’t too sure about the idea.

I’m in. I like tattoos, and I don’t like missing calls. But this is just an intermediate step. I’ll holding out for the brain chip that lets me control the internet and all of my media with my thoughts.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Will everybody around you with a tingle-tat reach for their phones whenever you get a call?

    • Cory Albrecht (@Bytor) says

      Pierce: Only if you’re rubbing yourself up against everybody all the time. I don’t know you *that* well! :-)

  2. Dendritic Trees says

    If its an iron based tattoo, wouldn’t it be MR incompatible. Not good if you ever need an MRI.

  3. haversham says

    Hell, I’d settle for just the google glasses that people have been posting around the site today …

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