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What A Scientist Looks Like

Have you guys seen this website? I love stories, and the website This Is What A Scientist Looks Like is chock full of ‘em. This description of the project is from the “Stereotypes” section.

This website is dedicated to changing the overwhelming stereotype that science is conducted behind closed doors by unapproachable old, white men. While some scientists do work in a lab, others spend their days traveling the world looking for rare insects, or underwater studying sharks, or up a volcano collecting rocks. Scientists enjoy food, dancing, music, and traveling. There are many women in science, and the number of minorities in the field is steadily increasing.

You can even submit a photo of your own!

These are a few of the photos from This Is What A Scientist Looks Like. Go visit the website to read about their fields of research and practice, and to learn a bit more about them as people.


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