Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 28 2011

10 Things Amanda Marcotte Would Tell Anti-Choicers

This is a genius list. But first, recent abortion wars news: Every day I read about absurd pieces of legislation that are specifically written to limit access to abortion or reproductive choice. Today’s Bill-O’-Fun-and-Oppression comes out of North Carolina. Earlier this week the NC House managed to override the state governor’s veto on a bill …

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Jul 25 2011

That was a good Monday

Not the work part. At work there were some things, and then there was some stuff, so the work part of Monday was just meh. But after work has been fun! Last week I was invited to write a blog post about my experience with Virtual Drinking Skeptically, a social videoconferencing group that brings people …

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Jul 22 2011

Atheists Don’t Swear Oaths On Darwin.

I’m a fan of Mike Peter’s Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip. I’ve been reading the adventures of Grimmy, Atilla the Cat, Mom, Ralph and the many other side characters featured in Mother Goose & Grimm since I was a little girl too young to understand the jokes. Also, I agree with a lot of Mike …

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Jul 19 2011

Heat Wave

Wowza it’s hot! I love me some warm days. I’m happiest when we have a sunny, low-humidity 85-90F day. But over the past couple of days it’s been more like 90-100F with humidity so thick that I could swim through it. I guess this is the price we pay for having so much lovely water up here. …

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Jul 15 2011

She’s been found not guilty, so drop it.

I didn’t follow the Casey Anthony trial. I read about the case about a month ago and it sounded like a horrible tragedy, similar to a handful of other horrible tragedies in recent news. Last week I happened to be in a place where they were showing a live broadcast of the judge reading the jury’s verdicts. There were seven separate charges, but the gist …

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Jul 14 2011

Tattoo Thoughts

I received my first tattoo when I turned 18, for typical 18 year-old reasoning: “Ooo naughty!” and “Only $100 you say?” $100 was just enough to make it seem like a meaningful decision – money was sacrificed, therefore the commodity which was purchased was worthwhile. I’m not proud of my first tattoo, although neither am …

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Jul 12 2011

Metaphysical “Causes” of Illness

I have a new post up over at MN Skeptics! It’s all about one website that wants you to think yourself better: …this website wants you to understand why YOU are causing yourself to develop such emotion-triggered illnesses such as migraines, nail-biting (Crud – is this an illness? Apparently I have an illness.), anxiety and …

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Jul 08 2011

Married People Conversations

The Hubby called me at work yesterday. It was a really busy afternoon and I was a bit stressed out. Me: [briskly] Hey, what’s up? Hubby:  I wanted to call to say hi, and to hear your voice. Me:  Awww…are you having a hard day? Hubby:  No. Actually I felt bad about last night. Me:  …

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Jul 08 2011

Drinking Skeptically…For Night People!

I have a new post up over at the Minnesota Skeptics blog! It’s about my experiences at a local Drinking Skeptically…For Night People! event. Tonight I ended up meeting a lot of new (to me) people. Hello new skeptical friends! I met a nurse, three engineers, a past member of the Secular Student Alliance, some …

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Jul 06 2011

Back at it!

Author’s Note: Mom was here for two full weeks, and it was a blast! While she was here we did all sorts of fun things, and I also neglected a few things. Like dishes. And laundry. And my husband. And blogging. Mom left Minneapolis on Tuesday morning and is continuing her journey westward toward my …

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