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Jan 31 2011

Hey – Who Prayed for Snow?

Cute. Seen on twitter via @almightygod. BTW – We’re currently getting dumped on in Minneapolis.  AGAIN.

Jan 31 2011

High School GLBT WIN!

High school sucks for a LOT of people. The tiniest, silliest differences can be called out and used as an excuse to ostracize kids and egg on bullies. Being gay or transgender is a seen as a pretty big difference and many GLBT students suffer isolation and harrassment in school. Most of you are aware of the rash of suicides by GLBT youth …

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Jan 30 2011

RIP and Thanks for the Superbowl Tickets

A man in Cottage Grove, MN lost his wife last November, but she managed to give him one last Christmas gift: One-third of a $45,000 lotto winning from a pool she had played with two other coworkers. From the Mpls Star Tribune: She had never told her husband that in 30 years of working at …

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Jan 29 2011

Breathtaking Pictures of the Protests in Egypt

This collection of over 100 pictures with captions show one face of the on-going civil protests in Egypt are some of the most dramatic I’ve found so far.  Consider: If you are one of my US readers, 12-24 hours away from where you are sitting reading this people are warring in the streets. Borrowed from …

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Jan 28 2011

Taking Maternity Leave Doesn’t Make You Worthless

I haven’t had a Dinkus of the Day in a while, but somehow I always find more. Okla. official questions hiring pregnant woman OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A member of Oklahoma’s Board of Education drew heated reaction Thursday after saying a newly hired administrator would be “worthless” as a legislative liaison if she took immediate …

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Jan 26 2011

Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody)

This video from Zheng Lab just made my day.  Been there, people!  Well, I haven’t been in the lab bench diapers and the biohazard dresses, but the indecipherable lab notebook and untraceable data, finding unlabeled, smelly samples fermenting in the cooler for months or years.  Blech! Thanks to blog visitor Jim for the heads up.

Jan 21 2011

When Logic Fails to Convert…

There’s always – MAGIC! via chrisfhiggins

Jan 21 2011

The Big Beginning (SoS)

Yay – new Symphony of Science!  I like the way this one turned out, but my favorite is still Poetry of Reality.

Jan 20 2011

Endless Loop Diving

Here’s a cool video of an “endless loop” of  swimmers diving from the high platform:

Jan 20 2011

Talk to Me!

I’ve added a new page to the Biodork blog called “Talk to Me!” It will be a permanent link available in the right sidebar under “Pages”.  On this page I list my contact info and reasons why I think you should Talk to Me! such as to: Tell me about a COOL STORY or LINK. Inquire …

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