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Aug 31 2010

Glenn Beck Chloroplast

I… I don’t know why… But, it’s Glenn Beck as a chloroplast, and if that doesn’t meet the inclusion factors for a biodork blog (sarcastic liberal humor + plant biology = NERD WIN), I don’t know what else would. Seen on Comments from Left Field And just for fun, and comparison, a real chloroplast: Pick …

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Aug 31 2010

Pi Necklace to 100 digits

Maybe this lovely talisman could help me understand the maths. Seen on Facebook via Being a Geek

Aug 29 2010


Ben Goldacre of Bad Science wrote an excellent piece yesterday about anecdotal evidence.  He wrote about the media coverage of the British National Health Service’s (NHS) decision to not cover a very expensive stomach cancer drug.  The media all told the story of one woman who lived FOUR YEARS longer than expected, most likely due …

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Aug 27 2010

MN State Fair

Yesterday I went to the Minnesota State Fair with my little sister, Ashley, from Big Brothers Big Sisters.  We marched in the parade with a bunch of bands and other local groups.  Ashley found one of her friends and the group of us ended up hanging out all day long. Big Brothers, Big Sisters marches in the …

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Aug 27 2010


Hehehe – seen on twitter via one of my twitter friends.   

Aug 26 2010

All work = All play

I was productive yesterday.  Really I was! I worked a full day at the office. I did my mentoring thing for two hours after work. I walked the dog and fed the pets. I watched an episode of Warehouse 13. I read a couple chapters of my Med School Confidential “homework”. I worked on my …

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Aug 25 2010

P&T Vaccination Clip

It’s a very busy day, so meh-be a leettle video from the interwebs today?  This is Penn & Teller applying a their usual tools of wit, sarcasm, shouting and bright shiny objects in order to get a point across.  In this case, the point that vaccines can save lots and lots of lives.  If you’re …

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Aug 24 2010

Of Alarm Clocks and the GZ Mosque

Darn alarm clock – how dare it go off and let me sleep through it this morning!  Darn work – how dare you be so…here?  (J/K – I love you job, and I hope we have a long and meaningful relationship).  So, in light of my slackerness let’s talk about someone else’s blogpost today! Jen McCreight from …

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Aug 22 2010

MN Renaissance Festival

Weekend Adventures! This week was the opening of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  For those of you who may have never been, there are Renaissance fairs all over the United States and each one has its own flavor.  The MN Ren Fest (or Fair) always takes place in in  Shakopee, MN.  The location has permanent buildings …

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Aug 21 2010

Doctorate in Cryptozoological Sciences

Don’t you hate when the scienticians make fun of your well-thought out theories and the undeniable evidence you provide of cryptozoological specimens?  And isn’t it frustrating how these “well-educated” men and women look down their noses at you because you don’t have a specialized degree in your field? Well, look no further and get ready …

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