Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 30 2010

Time is way too one-directional.

This was my To Do List last night. Make dinner. I made this – Fancy Hot Dog Stroganoff from simplyrecipes.com.  I substituted quinoa for the egg noodles and added spinach.  This picture is from that site – My dinner was so yummy that it was all gone before I remembered that I wanted to snap …

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Jun 29 2010

2010 Twin Cities Pride: Saturday

June 2010 marks the 38th Annual Pride festival.  The Twin Cities Pride Celebration is one of the largest free GLBTA pride events in the country!  Thank you, Twin Cities Pride for your free awesomeness! So on Saturday I went to Pride In the Park, which is two days of nearly 400 hundred GLBT-friendly vendors, exhibits, food and concerts …

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Jun 28 2010

2010 Twin Cities Pride Intro

This past weekend was the Twin Cities GLBT Pride Festival.  I had a blast and wore myself out!  I hung out with friends at the 19 Bar in Minneapolis on Thursday night, and then at Rumours/Innuendo in St. Paul on Friday night (I love the name of this bar!).  On Saturday morning I picked up Ashley (the 13 yo …

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Jun 25 2010

Local Books and Food

I don’t always read the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Metro section because it has a tendency to be depressing.  It seems like a lot of the stories are about local people involved in drunk driving crashes, child abuse cases, murders, robberies, scandals,  etc.  Yeah – go neighbors! However, yesterday’s Metro had two inspiring stories – one on …

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Jun 24 2010

Blues for Mr. Scopes

This video is for those of you who want to know more about the Scopes Monkey Trial, or maybe just see it in a completely new way. Well done, sir! Richard Milner has more Darwin videos at his Youtube channel. The most sacred thing a man can do is to tell the world what he believes …

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Jun 24 2010

HTML Humor

Countdown to Italy: 24 Days.  In honor of Italy and geekdom, some geeky Italy humor: Since I’ve started this blog I’ve learned the basics of tags and angle brackets.  I know almost nothing about HTML, but I get this joke 

Jun 23 2010

Different, just like everyone else!

I never went through a punk or goth phase, but I have worn outfits that could be considered punk or goth “style”.    Me in 2007 all dressed up for a night at an alt dance club.  I like different styles and I wear what I want to wear.  Clothing is one of the areas in life where we really have a …

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Jun 22 2010

Star Trek and Ke$ha

Who in the world would have thought?  I love this video.  It makes me very, very happy.

Jun 21 2010

Weekend Report

This weekend was pretty snazzy. On Saturday I went on a motorcycle ride with a bunch of friends.  My friend Courtney rode on the back of my bike, and the group of us took a series of winding rural roads from St. Paul to Taylors Falls, MN.   It was cool and overcast the entire day, but all …

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Jun 19 2010

Link Happy

I keep track of the blogs and websites I follow by adding them to my blogroll. I have them split up into categories, and I noticed that I’ve been adding quite a few links in the past two weeks. So I thought today I would highlight some of my new happy places. Blogs I Like …

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