Bi Any Means Podcast #92: Race, Atheism, and CPAC with Tiffany Harding


My guest for today is Tiffany Harding. She’s one of the co-hosts of Road to Reason TV, a weekly TV show which airs on Fairfax County Public Access channels that discusses issues involving atheism and skepticism. Today we’re going to talk about her backstory, representation in the atheist community, and sneaking into CPAC.

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The Biskeptical Podcast #21: Have You Tried Not Being Poor?

We start today’s episode talking about the new GOP healthcare bill, and how it’s going to screw us all over. Then after we get a history lesson from Ben Carson, we discuss Christina Hoff Sommers’ latest video debunking the gender wage gap, and how it overlooks a lot of social hurtles.

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Bi Any Means Podcast #91: Secular Celebrants and Building Bridges with Galen Broaddus


My guest for today is Galen Broaddus. He is a secular celebrant through the Center for Inquiry, with whom he recently won a case allowing secular celebrants to solemnize marriages in Illinois. He also blogs about atheism and humanism at Across Rivers Wide, which can be found on the Patheos network. Today we talk about his journey, his blog, and his work at a secular celebrant.

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ICYMI, Three Recent Splice Today Articles I Think You All Will Appreciate

As you may or may not know, I recently started writing for Baltimore-based website Splice Today which covers politics, art, and culture. Here are three recent articles I wrote for them that I think y’all might like:

Fear Builds Walls: How Pink Floyd’s The Wall Predicted Trump

Gender Dysphoria as a Still, Small Voice (It’s pretty emotionally raw, so discretion is advised)

The Failure of Classical Liberalism (Oh boy, this is gonna piss off the Free Speech Warriors!)

So yeah, hope you like them.

Your Favorite Mondegreens

A mondegreen is what happens when you mishear or misinterpret a phrase, specifically a song lyric. The term comes from Sylvia Wright, who thought an old Scottish ballad said “And Lady Mondegreen” instead of “And laid him on the green.” Some of the most well-know mondegreens are “Wrapped up like a douche” from “Blinded by the Light” (actual line: “Revved up like a deuce”) and “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” from “Purple Haze” (actual line: “‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky”). Mondegreens fascinate me because it’s another example of how our memories aren’t always reliable, like the Mandella Effect (no, seriously, I was pissed when I found out the Berenstain Bears weren’t Jewish).

Today I thought we should take a brief break from the dumpster fire that is the Trump administration, and talk about some of our favorite mondegreens. I’ll start with mine:

1). “Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid, and I was convinced Cross was singing “If you get drunk between the moon and New York City.” It makes sense since the movie is about an alcoholic, right? Nope! Turns out he’s singing, “If you get caught between the moon and New York City.” I like my version better.

2). “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Now this is a bizarre one because I used to think she was singing “If I was a maid, I’d save your spoon.” Dafuq is that supposed to mean? Fortunately, she’s actually singing, “If I was a blade, I’d shave you smooth.” Which is why this song always gets stuck in my head when I shave.

3). “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan. Okay, this one is pretty controversial. For years I thought they were singing, “All those dago freaks who used to paint their face, they’ve joined the human race.” I was like, “Did this motherfucker just call me a dago?” Fortunately that’s not the case; they’re actually singing, “All those day-glo freaks who used to to paint their face.” Phew, for a moment I thought Donald Fagen was a racist!

4). “Jump” by Van Halen. Here’s another funny one; I used to think David Lee Roth was saying, “I eat the worst chips you’ve seen.” You would think Roth would be able to afford better quality chips, right? Turns out he’s actually singing, “I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.” Ah, much better!

So what are some of your funniest or most embarrassing mondegreens?

Bi Any Means Podcast #90: Debunking Woo with Kavin Senapathy


My guest for today is Kavin Senapathy. She’s a skeptic blogger who writes about pseudoscience and woo for Forbes and Grounded Parents, and is the co-author of the book “The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House.” Today we’re going to hear about her backstory, her work, and why you shouldn’t get nutrition advice from the Food Babe.

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A Dream Come True–My Guest Spot on This Week’s Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts is Everyone’s Agnostic where every week Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo interview people about their deconversion stories. I always wanted to be on their show, and a few weeks ago I got my wish. Our discussion is now online, and you can listen to it here.

The Biskeptical Podcast #20: Vagina Woo

Today we discuss all the weird and wacky pseudoscientific woo surrounding vaginal hygiene. We talk about vagina lipstick, jade eggs, steaming, and everything else designed to awake your inner goddess. Plus I read a Dr. Seuss parody written by friend of the show Revan Reborn. Enjoy!

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Bi Any Means Podcast #89: Women Beyond Belief with Karen Garst


My guest for today is Karen Garst, author and editor of the book “Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion.” She also blogs about feminism and atheism at Today we’re going to talk about her backstory, her book, and how religion hurts women.

Listen to “Bi Any Means Podcast #89: Women Beyond Belief with Karen Garst” on Spreaker.



How Trump Will Fail Transgender Youth – My Latest Article For The Humanist

Last Wednesday the Trump administration overturned Obama’s transgender student protection directive, which ordered schools to let transgender students use whatever bathrooms and locker rooms match their gender identities. Thirteen states sued the Obama administration soon after the directive was issued in May of last year, and then federal judge Reed O’Connor of Texas issued an injunction to block it. According to the New York Times, President Trump had decided to leave the injunction in place, but then changed his mind and overturned Obama’s directive altogether.

It’s been reported that the Trump administration sees trans-bathroom rights as a state issue, not a federal one, hence the decision. “Schools, communities and families can find—and in many cases have found—solutions that protect all students,” said Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Many conservatives, including Students and Parents for Privacy member Vicki Wilson, applauded the president’s decision to protect girls from sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with young men who they say are “struggling with these issues” (even though, as I’ve mentioned before, trans people are not confused). DeVos says anti-bullying policies will still remain intact, but is that enough to protect trans youth? Studies suggest that anti-LGBTQ legislation does the exact opposite.

A study recently published in JAMA looked at the relationship between legalized same-sex marriage (prior to the 2015 Supreme Court decision) and suicide attempts among LGBTQ youth. “Same-sex marriage policies were associated with a 7 percent reduction in the proportion of all high school students reporting a suicide attempt within the past year. The effect was concentrated among adolescents who were sexual minorities,” the study reports. “As countries around the world consider enabling or restricting same-sex marriage,” the researchers conclude, “we provide evidence that implementing same-sex marriage policies was associated with improved population health.” While the report only focuses on marriage equality and not transgender bathroom policies, this study suggests that government limitations of LGBTQ rights in general further stigmatize LGBTQ youth and could lead more LGBTQ youth to attempt suicide.

Click here to read the rest.