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Feb 14 2014

Apologetics baiting fail

Email from a fellow who calls himself “Destroyerof Atheists” [sic]: this is for matt D does he see these? maybe you can pass it along he seemed sincere so i wanted to ask him some questions does he represent atheists? has he ever debated/talked with/met a representative of the Creator? is he sincerely looking to …

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Dec 13 2013

Fair representation of competing doctrines

So we got email taking us to task for an argument made on the show. I am copying it with some minor edits. I am a Christian who has been listening to your program for about a year now.  On the whole, I enjoy your programs but I have a problem with you on this issue …

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Jul 24 2013

“God Is Real” author writes back

Last week I posted a response to an email titled “God Is Real” by an apologetics book author. Mr. Chacon has written back, and I include my reply below.

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Jul 18 2013

God is Real! -says some guy who wrote a book about God being real

A few days ago we received an email with a four page Word doc attached. The email addressed us politely and personally, so I thought it wouldn’t be nice to ignore it. Messrs. Dillahunty and Glasser: I see you on You Tube and like your way of thinking about the Bible.  Please review the attachment and …

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May 13 2013

Open letter to Corey Keplinger

Corey Keplinger from Schenectady emailed us after we took his call on the show yesterday. I wasn’t rude or offensive. I don’t know why you hung up. To honestly answer Russell’s question… Am I always right? I guess I am, and if I said that last night, Russell would have hung up on me anyway. Matt say’s …

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May 06 2013

In an email mood


Most days I just don’t have the patience to address the creationist emails we get. Then again, other days I just can’t resist baiting them, and many facepalms ensue. Round OOOOOONNNNNNEEEEE! Subject: If you believe science!!! then research Refer to this http://www.creationworldview.org/aboutus.asp Yep. Bad science done by ideologically driven people. Always enjoy reading that stuff, thanks.

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Apr 25 2013

Hey all you Godless Perverts!

Moderation is a tricky thing. Yesterday I posted some links on the blog that address issues for black atheists. I got an extremely off-topic comment from “Joachim,” which was held in moderation. [...]

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Apr 23 2013

Scientific cluelessness and idle threats

That’s what we are getting with a recent string of emails from a fellow who signs off every message as “Kevin the Creationist.” Apparently Kevin called the show in 2012, and since then he’s periodically been sending us email trying to tell us about exciting new evidence for a young earth. The latest round began …

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Mar 25 2013

Breatharianism is big business

The guy who called the show with wild claims of people who live their entire lives without eating or drinking, emailed us today.

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Mar 19 2013

We get video rebuttals! A Christian’s Response To “The Atheist Experience”

So um, yeah… this happened.

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