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Jul 27 2013

Apologists: only dudes can have good reasons to be an atheist

A few weeks ago, Hemant Mehta hosted a guest post on his blog: “The Atheist Daughter of a Notable Christian Apologist Shares Her Story.” The post was by Rachael Slick, daughter of radio host and CARM founder Matt Slick. Viewers of our show may remember that both Matt Dillahunty and I, in two weeks running, …

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Jun 01 2012

I want to be Howard Wolowitz when (if) I grow up

Kazim asked me to repeat some thoughts about the sexism issue in the skeptical community. He’s right that it’s not fair to let him, Martin and Matt take the heat on the AXP side, while addressing these issues over at Godless Bitches, as if AXP isn’t part of the skeptic community and this issue.┬áSo, here …

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Jul 11 2011

Social graces, who needs em?

Russell here. I haven’t really thrown myself fully into the Watson / Dawkins dust up, apart from a Facebook thread and a few choice remarks in comments. Rest assured, though, that I and pretty much every Atheist Experience participant I’ve seen in email agrees (as far as I can glean) with the main thrust of …

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