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Aug 16 2013

Open thread on AXP #827, with guest, Rob Poole, MB BS, FRCPsych

I’ve embedded a number of links below, and I would urge you to explore them. I initially had included far more quoted material, but the post became too long, and I finally decided that links and brevity were best. However, the linked information is highly relevant. Most of the links are to summaries or small items …

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Apr 25 2013

Hey all you Godless Perverts!

Moderation is a tricky thing. Yesterday I posted some links on the blog that address issues for black atheists. I got an extremely off-topic comment from “Joachim,” which was held in moderation. [...]

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Jun 10 2012

Open thread on AETV 765

Tonight on the show, Don talked with Russell about the failure of Christian morality, then we immediately followed it up with a caller claiming that only Christians can have real morality.  Follow it up with a guy advocating learning about the spiritual realm through the use of psychedelic drugs, and it was a fairly interesting …

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Jun 04 2012

Open thread on AETV 763/764; NPR 11.6; GB 2.13

Sorry for the lack of open threads lately.. Atheist Experience episodes had Matt and Jeff; and Matt and Jerry DeWitt visiting, respectively. There was one or perhaps three Godless Bitches episodes since the last open thread. We did a seemingly successful experiment streaming a Non-Prophets episode over Google Hangouts.  The audio podcast isn’t posted as …

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Apr 23 2012

Open thread on AETV #758

Dear people who have been writing in to explain that the “I worship the sun guy” was riffing on a George Carlin theme: Yes.  We know.  If we did not already know that, we would have gotten the message after the first three.  You can stop telling us about it now. Dear people who are …

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