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Jul 13 2014

Open thread for AETV #874: Russell and John

Coming right up! Also, if you have any unfinished discussion of last week’s episode 873 with Matt and Don, feel free, because it looks like nobody made a thread. 872 was a skipped show because it fell on a fifth Sunday.

Oct 16 2013

Thoughts on Mormons, the Book of Mormon, and “Book of Mormon”

Last Friday I saw the musical “Book of Mormon” at the Bass Concert Hall on the UT campus. Before I say anything about the play, let me give my clear, unambiguous opinion: If you have the opportunity to see Book of Mormon, see it!!!! If you can’t, buy the soundtrack instead.┬áMore thoughts below.

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Sep 06 2013

Open thread: Non-Prophets 12.3

It’s up! This week on The Non-Prophets: My son Ben does his annual report on Camp Quest Texas. Pat Robertson believes that gay people are stabbing straight people with AIDS-infected poison rings. Measles outbreak is caused indirectly by anti-vaxxers. Mormonism is in trouble because of the internet. A skeptic leader in India is murdered. Some …

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