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Jul 20 2013

Open thread on FtBCon panel: Evangelical Atheism

In a few hours I’ll be joined by radio veteran Jamila Bey and “Quiverfull” survivor Vyckie Garrison, to discuss being an “out” atheist an winning arguments with various types of people. Hope you’ll tune in. I’ll also post open threads on this blog later today about Beth Presswood’s panel, “God is Love?” and the video …

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Jun 20 2009

What Is an Atheist?

Someone contacted the list with the following claims: Assertion 1: An agnostic is someone who is neither a theist (someone who believes a god exists) nor an atheist (someone who does not believe a god exists OR someone who denies a god exists). While I agree with this, I soon found out I have different …

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Oct 02 2008

Austinites: learn how to evangelize this Sunday

Hope I’ll be forgiven for some shameless self-promotion today. I am this month’s designated lecturer. This Sunday at the Austin History Center, starting at 12:15, I’ll be giving a lecture on how to be an effective evangelist. The event description is as follows: DescriptionRussell Glasser will discuss tactics for atheist outreach. Topics covered will include …

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