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Jul 16 2012

Reply to Stephen Feinstein, round two

This post is part of an ongoing discussion between Russell Glasser and Pastor Stephen Feinstein. Here are all the previous posts in the series. Stephen 1 Russell 1 Stephen 2 As before, I’ll be disabling comments in this post, as it is supposed to be a conversation only between the two of us. Stephen, I …

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Jul 06 2012

Reply to Stephen Feinstein, round one

"Is this the right room for an argument?" "I told you once." "No you haven't." "Yes I have."

  Hi folks, I’ve been asked by a third party to get involved in a discussion with a Christian named Stephen Feinstein. Stephen has created his own blog for the occasion, and his very first post is here: http://sovereignway.blogspot.com/2012/07/debating-atheist.html In order to keep this as a one-on-one discussion, I’ll be disabling comments on my posts …

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Jun 28 2012

We get email: The difference between being unreliable and 100% wrong

Last week, Matt and Tracie got in a brief argument with a caller named Charles before hanging up on him.  Charles has continued to email us, and although Matt has decided that he’s a fake, I usually feel that genuine stupidity is the less extraordinary claim.  Anyway, I’m going to excerpt selected parts of this …

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Dec 31 2011

So Many Claims, So Little (No) Support…

This letter was to Matt, so I opted not to reply. But also, if I did reply, I wouldn’t have much more to offer beyond, “I’ve never seen anyone offer up such a lengthy list of claims that included no attempt at offering even one shred of support.” Does Guinness have a category for something …

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Oct 27 2011

The next response from “AS” – the teen apologist

I’m afraid to hit the “publish” button for fear of breaking the blog. I’m including his full text, which is substantial combined with my general verbosity. Apologies. Starting with him: I’m just flat out tired of the responses from people, as to “why” they clearly don’t or WON’T believe in God. He’s NOT allah, He is …

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Oct 17 2011

“AS” strikes again

The 16-year-old who wrote to us with many proofs of god, featured a few posts below, has replied via e-mail. I wanted to share the reply, and my response, interspersed below: well, to reply to you very first paragraph, lol.. does George washington exist? well, you know he does in fact exist because of documents, …

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Mar 19 2010

More on McGrath

I actually found another exchange between Alister McGrath and Richard Dawkins that is set up in debate format. This series, also on Youtube, is in seven parts, unlike the more conversational series I described in my last post about these two men, which is in 15 parts. McGrath authored a book in response to Dawkins’ …

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Mar 17 2010

Communication Interference

In the most simple communication models, you have a single sender, a message (usually represented as an arrow pointing to the receiver from the sender), and a single receiver represented. As communication becomes more complicated, so do the models. One component that can be added to the model is something called “interference.” Interference can be …

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Jun 20 2009

What Is an Atheist?

Someone contacted the list with the following claims: Assertion 1: An agnostic is someone who is neither a theist (someone who believes a god exists) nor an atheist (someone who does not believe a god exists OR someone who denies a god exists). While I agree with this, I soon found out I have different …

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