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Oct 21 2012

Open thread on AETV 784

Posting this one a little early.  It will be a two hour show with Russell Glasser and Matt Dillahunty.

Oct 09 2012

Open thread on AETV #782

Atheist Experience #782: They Don’t Believe That With Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker.

Sep 17 2012

Open thread for AETV #779

Audio Video (not available yet) Silly show with Russell and Jeff, multiple calls about what “spirituality” means.  And a creationist who thought that Kent Hovind was the most bestest scholar ever. I think there will be a new Non-Prophets airing on Tuesday at 9 PM central.  Keep an eye on Matt’s YouTube channel, which is where …

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Aug 20 2012

Open thread on AETV #775 / NPR 11.12

Atheist Experience: Don and Russell talk about the failure of Christian medicine Non-Prophets: We interview Ben after his second year at Camp Quest Texas. (Sorry, the audio version is not up yet.) Video streaming by Ustream

Aug 13 2012

Open thread on AETV #774 / NPR 11.11

This week: Russell and Jeff on The Atheist Experience.  (Despite what the archive page said, episode 773 772 did not happen due to regular scheduling issues.) Russell throws together a Hangout with several newcomers, including Ian Cromwell and Steven Olsen, calls it The Non-Prophets.  Also available from the podcast. Correction: 773 was aired last week.  Martin’s …

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Jul 08 2012

Open thread on AETV 769

Tonight, Jeff Dee and Russell Glasser took a lot of calls.  Creationist Matt from Oslo returned, and so did the guy who once told us that imagination is beter than knowledge.  Also a long call on how historians and scientists claim to know things.  Good times.

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