Open thread for episode #944: Russell and Jen

While I have your attention, I have an announcement for Facebook users. I’m pleased to announce the creation of some new open participation groups: The Atheist Experience Official Discussion Group, and The Non-Prophets Official Discussion Group. While there are some other groups that are purportedly about the shows, these are the only ones that are officially connected to the Atheist Community of Austin. If you’d like a venue to discuss outside of this blog, where you don’t have to wait for us to initiate “open threads” like this one, please check them out.

Also: Tomorrow evening (Monday) I will be speaking to the Secular Student Alliance at Baylor University, as well as some other local groups in Waco. We’ll be meeting at the Waco Unitarian Church, 4209 N 27th St, starting at 7:30 PM.

Open thread for AETV #882: Matt and Jen

Looks like this post is a bit late.

On a side note: apparently canceled a whole bunch of accounts including ours, completely without warning, pursuing an unspecified “new business strategy.” The entire archive has been deleted, we have no login, and a complaint we sent was met with a generic message repeating what I just said without further explanation. We’re working to restore our video archives and come up with a strategy for posting new videos. This may or may not involve YouTube. We’ll keep you posted.

Open thread for AETV #879: Russell and Don on Failing the Environment

This is Don.  I hijacked this post so that I could share some of the links that I used for the show today, in case anyone else wants to follow some of the details.

The show idea came from David Swanson, “Why We Allow the Destruction of our Planet” in The Humanist magazine.  Another good article is How the Religious Right is Fueling Climate Change Denial.  Another prominent point came from this disturbing Newsweek poll on end-times belief.

Some of the Christian climate crazy is tracked at Right Wing Watch.

John Shimkus is a powerful Congressman who has had some nutty things to say about whether climate change is real.

James Inhofe is pretty sure climate change is a hoax, though he seems to be in the pocket of those with vested interests.

Some ministries have done multimedia presentations calling scientists idolaters and communists.

John Hagee, who peddles end-time snuff porn as part of his ministry is pretty convinced that bad weather is just all part of the plan.