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Nov 06 2012

Open thread on TAE 786 / GB 2.23

This week on ACA media: Jen and Jeff together on TV for the first time! New Godless Bitches! For you Non-Prophets fans, unfortunately I should report that we grudgingly acknowledged at the board meeting this week that NPR is dead for the time being.  The hiatus may not be permanent, but we’re not going to …

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Apr 03 2012

Open Thread on AETV #755

A bit late, but I know you want to talk about it. I don’t think Matt and Tracie were aware of this, and some commenters may not be either: Dale, the Australian guy who took up half the show, was not kidding — or if he was, he kids a lot.  He used to be …

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Mar 30 2012

Another year, another award for The Atheist Experience

Apparently we’re About.com’s favorite Agnostic / Atheist Podcast in 2011.  Again.  Who knew? It would seem that this now makes two different awards that we’ve won two years in a row.  We’d like to thank the academy, and also all you most excellent loyal listeners who are supporting phase one of our master plan to …

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Mar 12 2012

Open thread on AE TV #752 / GB 2.5 / NPR 10.2

AETV: Russell and Jen get two back to back “first cause” arguments, one Muslim and one Kalam.  What more could a host ask for? Also, great new episodes from Godless Bitches and The Non-Prophets!

Mar 04 2012

Open Thread: TAE #751 (Matt and Jen)

While I’m thinking about it, here’s the thread.  At the moment I’m sitting in the studio, with my laptop, about five minutes left to go, and this guy is still on the line presenting his proof that God exists, or at least trying to make the case that he really does care about what’s true.

Feb 20 2012

Open thread on TAE 749 / NPR 11.3

This weekend… Russell and long time crew member / first time co-host Josh Burkhart take calls, and talk about slavery a lot, on The Atheist Experience. Russell and Lynnea spend time talking with Guy P. Harrison about his new book, 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True, on The Non-Prophets.

Feb 13 2012

Open thread on episode TAE #748

Russell and Don, “The Failure of the Second Coming.” By the way, I should have put up an open thread on last week’s episodes of TAE and GB as well, but I forgot for a few days.  Then somebody posted “WHY is there no open thread on the latest TAE?  Is it a conspiracy to …

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Jan 30 2012

Open thread on AE #746 / GB 2.3

This week in ACA media: Matt and Russell talk about truth, postmodernism, and journalism, and also get to explain evolution to a creationist. Beth, Jen, Lynnea, and Tracie talk about Cosmo, porn, and purity bears.  They also have their lives threatened by a fire that misses Dillahunty studios, because God has lousy aim.