How to call or visit the show


Since we get a lot of requests from people traveling through Austin hoping to visit, here is what you can do to attend a live taping of The Atheist Experience.

The show airs every Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30 PM Austin time.  Check the schedule to see who is hosting on the day of your visit, or whether there is a cancellation.  Unfortunately, since we are subject to the scheduling concerns of the public access studio, sometimes cancellations are out of our control.

Assuming that there is a live taping that day, plan to show up by 4 PM, so you can sit in the studio without disrupting the show.  The address is 1143 Northwestern Avenue.  Here is a map.   You can also get this information at the Channel Austin website.

After the show we go to dinner; the current location is usually El Arroyo at 1624 W 5th St (map).

If it fits in your plans and the group’s schedule, you can also plan to visit for brunch or a lecture the morning before the show.  Check the front page of atheist-community.org for details and current location.


The Atheist Experience uses a cable access studio that is used during the week by other programs. Do not attempt to call us at any time other than our scheduled air time, which is 4:30-5:30 PM CST on Sunday afternoons. The number is 512-472-2255. To increase your chances of getting on the air, as the phone lines fill up quickly, trying calling beginning around 4:15-4:20. If you are a theist, your call will be placed higher in the queue. The phone screener will ask what your question or topic is, and this information is made available to the hosts before they answer you. If you are an atheist calling, please have a clear and succinct question ready for the hosts. While we appreciate kudos and compliments, we discourage fans from calling just to tell us that they enjoy the show. Kudos are best sent as emails, and please take it as understood that we appreciate your kind words, even if we don’t respond to you.

The show does not place outgoing calls, nor are we able at this time to take Skype calls.


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  1. 1
    Abhijeet BObde

    I would like to see the idea of tax fairness for all religious institutions be discussed and professed about .

  2. 2

    Love your show. You are very educational for me. Not sure if has ever been discussed or not (still trying to watch all the episodes), but I was wonder what your take is on pages like Heterosexual Awareness Month on Facebook? They get shut down for hate speech but pop right back up. They even have state by state branches. They try to be biblical but they are EXTREMELY hypocritical. The level of cognitive dissidence is astounding.

  3. 3

    I’m trying to find any email to your show, but I can’t seem to find one. I really enjoy your show, and I’m from Sweden and most of us here are already have an atheistic view point. Anyhow. I just listened to 836 where Don Baker once again mentions one of the thing I hate hearing most on this earth. Same applies to tons of comedians, like Bill Maher. Muslims don’t believe in 72 virgins. This is a rumor that just hasn’t stopped to spread, and for all this years I feel like I’m the only one that looked it up. So the only reason I’m posting this is because I actually believe that people will never stop thinking that’s actually whats muslims believe and keep on using that false statement till the sun burns out. And from what I know I may be the only non-muslim that knows this, and I base that from experience since everyone just loves saying it so much any time there’s a mention of mulsims.

    1. 3.1
  4. 4
    Claudio Lima

    Hi all, I would like to tell a brief story. I was talking with my cousin in the facebook, she saw my atheistic postages and we began a debate. When I pointed all of the horrible things of the Bible she laughed and she said that those things are not worth anymore. I also laughed, and I spoke that… if she doesn’t believe in a lot of things of the Bible. She is a heretic like me. And I think most of the Christians is heretics since they don’t also believe in a lot of things in the Bible, using excuses for only to see the good parts.

    What you guys think?


  5. 5

    Great show!
    Well, there are callers that take up a lot of time, spinning out intruductions of five minuts before (if you are lucky) getting to a point.
    You are so extremely patient. I would simply say, in a lot of cases: Write down your question or your point. Read it out loud. Get it in under 20 seconds. Now call. We will be waiting for you!

    Some excerpts of the program I have watched multiple times.
    All the best from me and some other atheists (there are quite a few over here!) in Holland.
    Rob den Heijer,

  6. 6
    Nancy Lorrell

    I am a believer in Jesus Christ. My granddad was an athiest…a very passionate man. He became a Christian when all the lies, the demons, the walls and the hurts he suffered were dealt with by none other than God. That is what Jesus did for him.

    My understanding is that athiests are mad at God. God has the ability to reveal who He really is — not our view of Him based on our experiences, lies, and other situations like personal and corporate strongholds (unbelief, fear, etc.). I hope that helps and I will ask Jesus to reveal His love.

    1. 6.1
      Martin Wagner

      Your understanding is a misunderstanding. One would have to believe God exists — which (protip) we do not — in order to be mad at him. We are, however, mad at the harm religion, and irrational thought in general, has done and continues to do to the human race. I hope that helps, and that reason is one day revealed to you.

  7. 7

    hello my name is traine and I becoming more and more of a non – follower type of guy I dont listen to no one but me and also I gotta be honest all my life I’ve went to church but at the same time i’ve been undercover atheist so what i would do is go to church and not listen to a damn thing I MEAN COME ON GIVE IT UP !!!!!! Hell what hell I mean god is a figment of my imagination so is jesus christ screw the christianity fath i am branching out on my own great show guys really great

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