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Feb 14 2011

A few words about the Zeitgeist sequels

Our opinion of the movie Zeitgeist should be pretty well known by now. It is an extremely bad and tedious bit of filmmaking, and the scholarship in it is awful, and we disagree with all of parts 2 and 3, as well as nearly all of part 1. And if you need a reminder about …

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Jun 22 2009

Flood of Zeitgeist emails

Dear readers, would somebody please figure out why there’s been a recent surge in emails about the movie Zeitgeist? We’ve had four in the past week. Is it going through some new PR effort right now? To be absolutely clear: everyone on the show thinks Zeitgeist is pretty much crap. You can read this unofficial …

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Dec 09 2008

The unofficial Atheist Experience response to Zeitgeist

So many people email us asking if we have seen the online movie “Zeitgeist” that we’ve had to come up with a stock response to people so that we don’t have to keep explaining why it sucks so much. Matt has been sending this response to emailers, and I have gotten his permission to repost …

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Oct 30 2007

About those 9/11 conspiracies

Since it’s been a slow week for this blog, I thought I’d link a post I wrote today about the incredibly annoying “9/11 truth” gang. In Which I Ridicule 9/11 Conspiracies These folks have often called the TV show in the past, and they’ve been popping up on YouTube a lot lately. I’ve been meaning …

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