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Mar 02 2011

A couple of videos by young black atheists

It’s a slow day for me, and I thought I’d share some videos I’ve been watching. First, John contacted us directly to share his video. If you’ve watched the show recently, you’ve probably noticed that the question of attracting minorities to become outspoken atheists comes up more and more frequently. Now, this is a tricky …

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Jan 05 2011

The professional victim squad is patrolling again

Okay, let me get this out of the way first: Dude in the commercial totally looks like me. It’s uncanny, but it’s not me. Pause the video at about 20 seconds to see the guy. (You can thank viewer Tommy for bringing the video to my attention, Tris from Facebook for setting the relevant images …

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May 28 2010

Why I don’t argue with YouTube, redux

A few months back I posted a statement of policy about refusing to argue with YouTube videos. It has served me pretty well since then, because now every time we get email saying “Watch this video and tell me what you think!” I link to that post and reply with “Please sum up the points …

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Jan 05 2010

Why I usually don’t argue with YouTube videos

This isn’t terribly important but I’m airing a minor grievance. People frequently email the TV crew to say “I saw this video on YouTube. Can you refute it?” Here’s why I usually refuse. Frankly, I hate dealing with videos. Text is an asynchronous mode of communication, whereas video is synchronous. (“Synchronous” is a fancy-schmancy computer …

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Nov 23 2009

You blog readers are so very silly

After I wrote my last post about Nazis disapproving of Darwin, Ruud pointed out that another reader had converted the post into film format on YouTube. No reading, no dramatic enactment, just the text of the post — written in an old timey, grainy black and white film format, with German music playing over it. …

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Sep 03 2009

We get YouTubes (Historicity of Jesus part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, this is the video posted by Aaronk1994. A little after the one minute mark, Aaron accused Jen of misrepresenting the argument that she was trying to address. Jen said: “The claim is the Jesus must have been divine because his disciples wouldn’t have died for something that they knew …

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Sep 03 2009

We get YouTubes (Historicity of Jesus part 1)

On the show two weeks ago, Matt and Jen got a call from aaronk1994, a 15 year old YouTube apologist. Aaron called in within the last few minutes, so the argument didn’t have time to get up to speed. That week, a viewer sent email mentioning that Aaron might call back during the week I …

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Jul 25 2009

Open thread on Thunderf00t vs. Ray Comfort

A lot of people are emailing us to let us know that the big debate is up on YouTube. Here’s part one, and you can follow up on the rest yourself. I’m opening it up to comments because I know you’re all dying to discuss their respective performances. I will probably contribute my own impressions …

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Jul 17 2009

Mitchell & Webb: Atheist Watermelon

Your chuckle for the day.

Jun 16 2009

And now for something completely disturbing

Submitted by Arlo Pignotti. I’m not sure which part of this I find most face-palm worthy, but I suspect it’s a toss-up between: the demented giggling after they talk about shedding blood (1:30) the anthropomorphic glob of dough’s AWFUL line about yeast (2:10) the bit where they do a flailing do-si-do while chanting “Second Corinthians …

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