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Feb 13 2014

Open (late) thread for episode #852

Many apologies for the delay in getting this up. The HD capture completely failed this week, for some reason. Not only did we only get a standard def capture, it wasn’t even properly formatted in 16:9. This one required extra work in post, especially to boost the sound, which still isn’t great. Anyway, talk amongst …

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Feb 13 2014

“Coincidence” is powerful “evidence” to many people

Observation: I was closing a spreadsheet, and the moment I clicked on the “X” to close the window, a dialog box popped up on my other monitor, and I thought “Oh, what did I just do?” The dialog box was simply an alert, letting me know that I have to attend a meeting in 15 …

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Feb 02 2014

Open thread for episode #851

Here we go again. Dat “logic and reason are impossible without God” guff. When will they learn that unproven assertions don’t make good premises for arguments? Oh well, leave your thinks below, as always.

Jan 15 2014

An iconic moment…

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.42.47 AM

Captured in time.

Jan 06 2014

Open thread for episode #847: Talking faith with Faith

The first show of the new year, everyone. Comment away!

Dec 23 2013

Open thread for episode #845: Russell and Don, last show of the year

It’s been a great 2013 everybody. See you next year! Addendum: Bergoglio’s “Day of Peace” message is here.

Dec 08 2013

Open thread on AETV #843: Russell and Tracie

Thanks to Greg and Chip for the reminder to discuss “The Polar Express” today. I’d like to talk a little about the film’s handling of the Problem of Evil, using Santa as analogous to god, and using the character of Billy to represent the underprivileged of the world, and one of the unbelievers. The song …

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Nov 25 2013

Very happy to be of assistance, sir!

I don't...HAVE FUN! With your Christian Holiday! I don't celebrate Easter or Halloween either! But, asking us to SPONSOR someone is over the top. Like I said, pick another Holiday. As for your TEXAS tdradition, who gives a shit!

The douche parade continues. We get email… Thanks, so much for much, for blocking me from The Atheist Experience Facebook page. I really enjoyed your You Tube channel and the Facebook page. If this is how you treat your own people. WOW! I am glad I never donated any money to your fucked up causes. …

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Nov 25 2013

Open thread on episode #841

Pictured: Me on a Monday.

Russell and Don discussed Christianity’s lies, and the modern propaganda evangelists use to win converts. Have at it. Addendum: Oh, for fuck’s sake. What is it with entitled, whiny-ass little pipsqueaks this morning? We have a couple of them stuck in moderation, having tantrums and throwing all their toys out of the pram because WAAAAH …

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Nov 24 2013

ACA bringing holiday cheer to a local family

Among the many things about atheists that scare Christians, the idea that we might actually be decent people who believe in giving the less fortunate a leg up in tough times appears to be a big one. How else to explain the angry refusal by the Spartanburg (SC) Soup Kitchen, a Christian “charity,” to allow …

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