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Jul 22 2014

Open thread for AETV #875: Matt and Aron Ra

Jul 19 2014

An observation on the concept of “callout culture”

Well, that's settled then.

So if you call yourself a skeptic, that means — or should mean — that you embrace the notion that no idea is sacrosanct, there is no dogma, and every idea and statement should be subject to criticism and rebuttal. Crazy talk, right? But check it: there are some people, even in our august society …

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Jun 22 2014

Open thread in AETV 871: Russell & Tracie

Russell and Tracie take viewer calls.

Jun 17 2014

Open thread for episode #870

A couple of days late for this thread, gang, sorry. But here it is, so have at it. Among other highlights, Matt expresses his disapproval of the Catholic Church.

Jun 08 2014

Open thread on episode #869

Top Ten list of things I learned at the Sye Ten Bruggencate debate 10. “Everyone knows that God exists” 9. “It requires God to doubt the existence of God” 8. “I don’t do Bible studies with non-believers” 7. “Adam and Eve *did* die that day — they died spiritually” 6. “Stealing is wrong because God …

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Jun 01 2014

Open thread on episode #868

A very enjoyable show today, I thought, and always nice to be back in the cohost’s chair. As for the YT channel running behind, yes, I know, sorry everyone. But I am already underway in getting caught up — stuff is uploading as I type this — and the plan is to be completely current once …

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May 27 2014

Open thread in AETV 867: The Dark Ages with Matt and Don

Thread for this past Sunday’s show.

May 22 2014

ReasonCon Materials Going Public

The material that was produced in Hickory, NC, at ReasonCon earlier this month, is beginning to post for public consumption. The majority of presentations are not yet available, but one is, along with something that has become informally dubbed The Drunk-Cast. Below are the audio files that are currently accessible, with descriptions. I will post the …

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May 18 2014

Open thread in AETV 866: Russell and Tracie

No set topic, just calls…although might launch into a rant on explanatory function…

May 04 2014

Open thread in AETV 864: Russell, John, and something something rhinoceros

Tonight on the show: Evidence! Miracles! Dinesh D’souza! Craziness!

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