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Jul 06 2010

New “renegade” Non-Prophets episode recording tomorrow

During the lengthy and ongoing hiatus that has frustrated NPR fans for months and months, Russell and Lynnea recently recorded their own stop-gap, “renegade” episode to help mark time until the regular show hosted by Denis, Russell and Matt is able to resume. Which they’re saying may be September. Which would be better interpreted as …

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Jun 26 2010

New content this week

And verily the Lord of the internet did say, “Wherever two or more are gathered around a web-capable computer, and spend ninety minutes bullshitting about news of interest to atheists in the name of the ACA, yea, even there shall be an episode of The Non-Prophets.” And Russell and Lynnea, having nothing better to do …

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May 12 2009

For the conclusion of the Ross/Rana/Shermer debate review

I apologize for not completing my earlier discussion of the debate. For those who don’t listen regularly to The Non-Prophets, I just wanted to mention that we had a fairly lengthy discussion there. You can hear the end by listening to this episode. If you have listened to the episode, feel free to post a …

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May 14 2008

PZ Myers on The Non-Prophets

In case you haven’t heard it already, this past Saturday we got a chance to interview PZ Myers, author of the wildly popular Pharyngula blog, on “The Non-Prophets.” The resulting show is here. PZ dropped by at 27:23 in the broadcast, and we got to chat with him for about an hour. Topics we covered …

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