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Nov 25 2013

Very happy to be of assistance, sir!

I don't...HAVE FUN! With your Christian Holiday! I don't celebrate Easter or Halloween either! But, asking us to SPONSOR someone is over the top. Like I said, pick another Holiday. As for your TEXAS tdradition, who gives a shit!

The douche parade continues. We get email… Thanks, so much for much, for blocking me from The Atheist Experience Facebook page. I really enjoyed your You Tube channel and the Facebook page. If this is how you treat your own people. WOW! I am glad I never donated any money to your fucked up causes. …

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Apr 28 2013

Presenting the stupidest anti-gay-marriage article in world history, part 1


(TL;DR advisory: This one’s a biggie. The word “asshole” is frequently used.) A few days back, one of my Facebook friends (well, she’s an IRL friend too, but Facebook is where she contacted me, so anyway…) asked me to help her fisk this article. Took me a while, what with a busy week going on, …

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Aug 26 2012

A+ haters, what have you got besides reactionary emotionalism?

WHAT!?!? You like peanut butter better than chocolate!?! FUCK YOOOOUUUUUU.....

Despite what people think the policy here is over at GroupThinkBorgBlogs, we’re all fine with trading ideas about how to pursue social justice, as long as they’re productive and positive ideas. After all, as Russell said, here at AXP, we’ve been doing “positive atheism” for years. But we didn’t realize it was so utterly evil …

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Jul 16 2012

In which the question “Is there a stupider and more embarrassing atheist than Patrick Greene?” is definitively answered


Via Hemant, I am made aware of this brilliant little nugget of joy. See if you can parse the logic in all this. Perhaps I can’t because I spent my valuable college years drawing talking animals for the school paper rather than boning up on things like the Löwenheim–Skolem theorem. But the sense of it …

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Jul 08 2012

The funniest plea for attention we’ve ever gotten

Sometimes theists will try to goad and taunt atheists into an argument, because that’s what you have to do when you haven’t actually got a good argument. But this one, which came in a personal email to Beth Presswood, is just all kinds of hilarious. I feel like getting into a debate with you guys, …

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Jun 01 2012

I can haz cognitive dissonance?

Yeah, but...the song...

Good old religion. It’s what allows people to abuse a child by teaching him to do this… And then turn right around in the face of public outrage and make this statement on their webpage. If the spectacle of adults cheering homophobic hate they trained a child to sing doesn’t quite reconcile with their claims …

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Apr 06 2012

Stay classy!

The blood smear is an especially nice touch, don't you think?

This is an actual postcard snail-mailed to residents of Conway, SC, by The Rock Church, inviting people to their Easter services. Nice, huh? Now imagine you’re a parent with a kid, and this turns up in the mail, and either your kid sees it, or you immediately think “Holy shit! My kid could see this…” …

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Apr 03 2012

Seems legit

This one’s making the rounds on Facebook today. You know, if the Creation Museum didn’t exist, life would lack so very many lovely lovely lulz.

Jul 05 2011

Don’t Be a Dick redux — now with Real Life Adventure!

Had an absolutely insane personal encounter today that I’m still having difficulty processing, because it was the sort of display of flagrantly irrational, histrionic and emotional behavior that we as atheists and rationalists criticize, but which you in fact rarely get to experience right in your face. It reminded me of a great many basic …

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Jun 11 2011

In which Martin and Tracie give Gavin the respect he’s earned. (Long one, sorry.)

It may seem pointless dealing with the contemptible behavior of trolls, an activity annoying enough for any hundred people. Especially when the troll in question takes this pitifully dishonest tack of assailing us with the most repugnant insults he can come up with (and if you ask me, Matt could hardly be blamed if he …

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