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Jun 02 2012

That little problem you have? It’s you.

"...Let's see, need to pick up cat food, put this check in the bank, then see about dinner plans, and...huh? what the...BLGGHAHAAAAARRGGG MUST RAAAPEE!"

While we’re in the midst of the current course of conversation (you know what I mean), let’s not forget religion’s long list of crimes in the sex wars either. And speaking of Islam… Here’s the latest stupid shit from Indonesia: They’re making miniskirts illegal because they “make men do things.” What religion does under the …

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Apr 06 2012

Ascend, Christian Youth! (Just…not your boners)

Via Hemant comes this weird peek into the world of Christian sexophobia. There’s this event going on in Chicago called The Ascension Convention, and someone snapped this facepalm-worthy photo. Because, apparently, when guys and girls have thirty seconds alone and unchaperoned in an elevator together, the babymakin’ explodes! No young adult can be trusted with …

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Sep 09 2010

Picking Up the Pieces

When I receive a communication like this one, I don’t know whether to be happy or to cry. On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to help someone. On the other hand, I’m sorry to have to help someone put their self-worth back together after it’s been badly damaged so unnecessarily.I received this …

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Apr 26 2010

Because it’s SCIENCE!

Today is Boobquake, the day when freethinking ladies everywhere prove to the world that science isn’t boring and show misogynist Iranian clerics a thing or two. I mean, I’d be the last to doubt the power of breasts in the course of human events. But actually causing tectonic activity? I’d say that’s due for some …

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Mar 03 2010

Atheism in the news? Not really…

Read this post from the blog of the religion reporter at our local newspaper. My comment was long, so I wasn’t sure if it got posted and thought I’d post it here, as well. Three comments, in mixed order: First, the study isn’t worth the attention it’s getting. In addition to all of the other …

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May 20 2009

Fundies rally behind McLeroy, give a big thumbs up to teen pregnancy

Time to get on the horn to your state senators, people. I’ll just link to the relevant TFN piece. You know where to take this from there. In similar Christian War on Education news, the Texas house today voted down a bill that would require medically accurate sex education in the state. Bring on the …

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Jan 03 2009

Celibate men in dresses say dumb things about sex

Ah well, the Roman Catholic Church is always good for a laugh. This week they’ve come out swinging against the pill. It’s deliriously silly. The pill “has for some years had devastating effects on the environment by releasing tonnes of hormones into nature” through female urine, said Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, president of the …

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Dec 29 2008

Today’s “Duh!” moment

From the WaPo: Teenagers who pledge to remain virgins until marriage are just as likely to have premarital sex as those who do not promise abstinence and are significantly less likely to use condoms and other forms of birth control when they do, according to a study released today. The new analysis of data from …

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Apr 04 2008

Fundamentalist miseducation in Florida endangering kids’ lives

Florida is turning — scratch that and let me start over — Florida has turned into a fundamentalist hellhole that is bound and determined not only to miseducate its kids, but actively put their lives at risk as well. It’s sad enough that Florida is the state that shamefacedly must claim such embarrassments as “hanging …

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Jan 23 2008

American Idol beats up defenseless Christian virgin!

Over at Christian website CNSNews.com, they’re all in a kerfuffle over how mean the judges and host of American Idol were to poor Bruce Dickson, a 19-year-old from Bastrop (about half an hour from here) who, when asked to tell something about himself, admitted that he had never even kissed a girl. “What?” Randy Jackson …

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